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Make Up Tips For Today Working Woman And A Little Extra For Men.

Updated on April 26, 2015
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I am a cosmetologist. I am working on hair, skin and nails. A few of my hubs are about personal care that includes man care too.

The Most Important Make Up Items That You Need To Have.

The foundation is the first you need to apply on clean skin. After removing the cream. You used at night. The foundation needs to match the color of your natural skin. You test it on your neck near the front of your ear, right in front were the earrings drop.After you applied your foundation. You need to let it dry for a five minutes.

You need powder that matches your skin tone. After the foundation is dry. You apply the powder on your face.Do not get near the eyes.

After you applied the foundation and the powder on the skin. You need a blush. Blush is optional. used a tone color that is not too red. You only want to give to your face's skin a little color, so it is not too natural.

Eyes shadow that are natural colors gives a good result. It is settle,and make the eye look elegant and attractive. Begin applying the eyeshadow after you have completed the previous step. after you used the eyeshadow.

you need to use an eye liner. Eyeliners are in different colors. The most popular are black and brown.There are in liquid or regular pencil and soft pencil.

After you applied the eye shadow and eye liner. You need to use mascara.

Mascaras are in different colors. The most used mascara is black and brown.The mascaras are waterproof and regular mascara. The regular mascara is good for everyday use. Waterproof mascara is good for swimming.

Lips need to have some protection and good looks. Lipstick is in many colors that go with any skin tone. You need to test and try a few before you buy them at the counter.When you are ready to apply your lipstick. You need a lip liner that matches your lipstick.

What to do before you apply your make up.

You need to have a clean skin.

You need to know how to use the products for your skin and what kind of products are good for you.

Macys has different counters with different brands of cosmetics. The staff at Macys are highly qualified to help choose the right products for your skin.

There are three kind of skin. Skin is oily, dry or the combination of oily and dry.

There are four products that are good for your skin. The four products are cleansing cream, a bottle of toner, a moisturising cream, and a night cream.

After you start using the products.You are ready for your makeup.

Do not forget to pack a good lunch with healthy food that can give you a better good looking skin.

If you do not know. What food is good for your skin. You need to find a good book about foods that are good for your skin.

Check on google for free books to read online.

For a person with allergies is best to buy products that are natural made.

A good place to find natural made products are in health food stores and groceries stores.

Some Sears stores have cosmetic's counter with good products for the skin.

Some other places that sales cosmetics is online stores

If you search the internet. you can find a lot of good products.

There are many brands of make up.If you get confuse. You can ask the sales person for help.
There are many brands of make up.If you get confuse. You can ask the sales person for help. | Source

The Best Thing For Your Good Looking Skin.

It is to clean your skin with ponds and a nice clean wet towel. The previous cleansing step is for one or two times a week. Even, if you so not use makeup. You need to treat your skin good. When you clean with the towel. you need to be gentle.

Cosmetics Are A Few Good Things In Life.

Do you like cosmetics ,or you do not like them.?

See results

Extras For Your Make Up.

1 Lip gloss

2 Eyeshadow gloss.

3 Skin gloss.

The gloss is good for special occasions that you go and want to look beautiful and shiny.

The makeup fo nighttime you need to try a few colors until you come out with the right tone.

Do Not Forget To Get Your Make Up Box.

This organizer will keep your makeup clean.
This organizer will keep your makeup clean. | Source

Places To Shop For Make Up.

has cosmetologists
well know
well know
well know
shop in your own.
well know
Groceries stores
Shop in your own.
well know

Men Can Use Cosmetics Too.

There are other brands.If you like to try the products. You can visit Macys.
There are other brands.If you like to try the products. You can visit Macys. | Source

Men Have Their Own Cosmetics Too.

It is important that men use the perfect brand for them. Some products are for both men and women .You need to read the label. Or you need to call the eight hundred number on the product to ask any question before you use any product.

There Are A Few Places That Have Products For Men.

The internet is a good place to look for men"s cosmetics.

Pharmacies and food health stores.

Men magazines.

Exercise Your Face.


Move your neck with gentle motions.

Do Not Forget To Drink Water.

Drinking water is good for your skin.


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      Quotes Lover 4 years ago

      Great tips

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      Ana Maria Orantes 4 years ago from Miami Florida

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