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Make Money, Making Bunk Beds For Profit

Updated on May 13, 2014

It is time to put your carpentry skills to work and make some money. Parents seek out custom furniture for their child's room so making custom bunk beds can be a hot seller. With a few basic patterns and a vivid imagination you can make and sell bunk beds for profit.


Bunk bed plans


Woodworking tools


Step 1

Chose a bunk bed plan or several to make a few bunk beds from. These will be your samples to photograph for on-line ads and to display and show to customers.

Step 2

Make the sample bunk beds that you will use of advertising and display. You can opt to sell these too. You will need to have samples of your work to show and photograph to show your customers what they will be purchasing from you. Adding custom features will likely add value to your bunk beds. For example: Adding a curtain across the front creates a fort or tent feel for the bottom bunk for privacy.


Advertise your bunk beds. There are several avenues of advertising. For example you can put an on-line or newspaper ad with pictures. There are many free on-line advertising sites. Selling your bunk beds at a craft show or craft market is an option. When selling at a craft fair or market remember that you will need to do a lot of hauling and setting up in order to get the bunk beds to the venue. If you live on a busy street and the weather is nice you can display your bunk beds where people passing by will see them. Include contact information so people that are in a hurry can contact you at a later time.

Step 4

Take orders and fill them. Whether you are making custom bunk beds or sticking with a set plan you will need to eventually fill orders. Give the customer a time frame that their bed will be finished and stick with that to give efficient customer service. Make sure your customers are aware of any options or changes that you make. For example if you do not paint the bunk beds make sure the customer is aware of that so they don't expect a painted bed.

Note on Pricing

The general rule for pricing crafts and handmade items is the cost of supplies (lumber and hardware) multiplied by three. This is usually sufficient but if it is not you have to decide whether the work and effort is going to be worth your time. You can also choose to raise the price beyond the general rule of multiplying by three and see if the market will bare it.

Free Lumber

Many places offer free lumber in the form of pallets. Doing a quick search online you will find many patterns for making all kinds of furniture from used pallets. This could be very profitable since most of your supply cost would be free.

Demolition jobs on houses and buildings also offer a free source for wood. A quick chat with a contractor may get your foot in the door, so to speak, so you can recover some of the lumber before the structure is demolished.


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