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Making Money And Getting Traffic Through Facebook

Updated on December 27, 2009

Making Money And Getting Traffic Through Facebook

I've been blogging awhile using blogger and as much as I like the website it doesn't produce alot of traffic. I like blog sites for their ability to talk about some personal things as well. I like hubpages for the ability to write about things I know and give advice.

It wasn't until I signed up for facebook and eventually I made links pointing to my blog and to hubpages and I haven't made too many hubs or too many blog posts either due to other obligations, that I noticed quite a bit more traffic when checking my adsense account and of course more money. I never really gave them too much of a thought when it came to money as that wasn't really my goal. I like to write. As a matter of fact I love it.

I've tried many different things to make a little extra money online and for the most part I've failed at it except for time spent on ebay. Like everything else it became over saturated with too many of the same things priced too high over time to make any real money. I eventually stopped using ebay even for buying after my account got hacked last year.

Back to my point, facebook and myspace(I use them too) are great places to get more traffic. In fact I was astonished by how much more traffic I got just by having a facebook page. Of course you need to devote a little time to it communicating with friends, signing up for pages and groups that interest you, etc. The whole idea here is to get more traffic. And the whole idea of using them for more traffic also won't work if you stick to the rules of only adding people you know. And keeping your profile private isn't too advantageous either. Of course it's up to each individual person as to how he/she wants to do things but these are my recommendations.

I do recommend if you are using facebook as a traffic method do not put personal information on it, don't put phone numbers etc. on it. Use a web based free email account to sign up. Don't use facebook to communicate personal information such as where you intend to vacation this year, if you plan on being out of town or anything personal for that matter. Keep it light. And see if you get more traffic by using facebook like I did.


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