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Making Money From Reselling sneakers

Updated on August 12, 2017

Most sneaker heads now a days have collections full of hundreds of sneakers... Some may ask how that is possible. For some it started off with one pair of sneakers, that turned into two, then four, etc... Today I will show you how to do exactly that.

"To make money need money." That is a statement that I have told to countless amounts of people that are trying to start reselling. That is due to the fact that you must buy the item you are going to sell, in this case, sneakers. I would recommend that you pick up a pair from you local sneaker store that had recently come out, but don't rush it, give it time to see how it is selling and how the resell prices are going. There are multiple apps out on the market that vary prices but the one i most recommend is free and it is called "Stockx".This app is basically the stock market of the sneaker world and it will show you everything you need to know about a sneaker, you can even buy and sell on this app. Once you have found a sneaker that goes up in value after the release, that's the one you should pick up. Once you get it you should post it on various selling websites and apps, even try to tell people about the item you have, but always highball the price because people will try to bargain. Don't let them talk you down too low, remember you are trying to make a profit out of this. Once you meet at a price you are comfortable with... CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have mad a sale. Now use this money to buy your next pair and continue the process, now you are on the road to success. After a while of doing this, you will build up a reputation for yourself, meaning people will likely go back to you for future purchases and recommend you to others. After a while you may want to create a social media page for yourself and that will help grow your publicity even more. Lastly, invest in your very own website and TADAAA! You have now successfully created your very own resell business.


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