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Making Money Online: 3 Things That Distract People From Achieving Great Results

Updated on August 14, 2012

Social Networking Sites

One of the most common reasons people cannot achieve good earnings online is social networking sites. So many people get very distracted by sites such as Facebook. People will often try to accomplish an online goal (relating to earning money) and in reality it should only take them maybe an 1-4 hours, maybe a bit more if it is a high goal to reach. However, when they keep checking their Facebook page when they are suppose to be working on their goals, it can take much longer than it should take to complete their goals. What should take an hour all of a sudden takes 3 hours to complete, because they feel the need to check their Facebook homepage every 10-20 minutes.

Unless you use Facebook as a business tool, and it is a great business tool that brings you profits and leads very often, then there is no reason to keep on checking it when goals and projects are being worked on.

Searching For More Opportunities

It is good to keep an open mind and look for other ways to make money online but once again it can turn into a problem and cut into a person's profits if they do it every single day. All too often a person will not be able to accomplish their goals (when it comes to earning money online) because they are too busy searching for other ways to make money online. Projects end up taking much longer too complete because a person is way too occupied or obsess with trying to find other ways to earn cash online.

Playing Online Games

Playing online games is just as bad as checking social networking sites because playing games online can cause a person to become distracted for a very long time. This means that their goals will take a real longtime to complete, even the smallest goals will seem impossible to accomplish if a person is playing online games when they are supposed to be working and making money online. All too often a person will be halfway to their goal and then they end up playing an online game for an hour or even more.

Stop It And Get To Work

There is no easy way to say this to people. STOP IT and get to work. People will not accomplish their goals if they allow such distractions. People simply need to have a goal in mind and work towards accomplishing that goal, instead of letting the things, such things as described in this hub, to distract them.

Stop letting distractions cut into profits and start working. Good luck.


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    • penlady profile image

      penlady 5 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      So guilty of looking for other money opportunities. I'm in the process of stopping this one though.

      Great hub.