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Making Money Online: Can You Really Make Money On Bubblews?

Updated on September 27, 2014

Because I am a student I am always looking for extra ways to earn a little extra money. I have tried numerous websites trying to make money online but by far the best one I've tried yet is Bubblews. For many people Bubblews is the best and easiest site to make money off of. You don't have to pay anything to join and you can make a lot of money if you are patient and put some effort into your work there. In the first few months I earned $300. I am now in my sixth month of working on there and have now made over $800.

What you do is you make a post of a minimum of 400 characters in length and you earn one penny for every view, like/dislike, and comment on your article. You can make a maximum of 10 posts per day and you can redeem your earnings when you earn $50 or more. In the following article I will tell you about my success earning money with Bubblews, how I became successful, and the pros/cons of using this site to make money.


My Study of Bubblews Users Who Are Successful

I first joined Bubblews in April 2014 hoping to make some extra money in my free time. I joined the site only knowing that you had to write short 400 character posts and you got paid for it. After a few months though I realized it isn’t as simple as that and you have to do more than just make posts. Bubblews is a very social place and in order to get people to look at your post you have to socialize. The most important thing to do on Bubblews is to interact and comment and make connections.

In my first weeks of Bubblews I didn’t make more than 20 cents a post. When you have to have $50 in the bank to redeem and get your money 20 cents per post is slow going to reach that goal. I started paying attention to those making the most money on the site. The people who had hundreds of views, comments, and likes. They became my role models and I studied their actions. They were commenting/liking on hundreds of posts a day. If someone commented on their post then they would comment back. They were spending more time interacting and less time on articles. There were even a few who have made thousands of dollars on Bubblews whose articles were horribly written but they were interacting so much that the content of their articles didn’t matter. People want to interact and that is the secret.


How To Interact On Bubblews

How you interact can be very important. Some people love to comment on posts. Others only enjoy hitting the like button. What your method of interaction depends on you but there are some points that should be made about commenting and liking/disliking posts.

One thing about Bubblews is that it is overflowing with what many people label as “spammers.” Spammers are people who visit a ton of posts and only say something like “nice comment” or “I like your post.” These people aren’t reading any articles and are only trying to get others to visit their own posts. Many serious Bubblews users see them as a annoying because there are so many of them and also because they don’t read posts. In my interactions I always read or skim a post and make a thoughtful comment. This is how I went from a few hundred connections to over a thousand connections pretty quickly. People appreciate you more when you actually show them you are reading their post.

The pros/cons of liking. Liking a post is a good thing and can also help you interact with others. A like doesn’t always help you get followers though and here are some tips about likes. First if you go on someone’s post and like only one article, don’t comment, and then never visit the user again there is a small chance of making a lasting connection. If you like several of their posts though they may notice you and visit your posts. If you regularly visit a person and interact then after a while they will remember your name and will reciprocate. The same goes with comments. The more you interact with the same user the more likely they will remember your name and will comment back to build a good relationship.

Did You Really Get The Money You Earned?

As of September 27, 2014 I have received every penny I earned from Bubblews. I have earned a little over $800. When Bubblews first started the owners of the site did not anticipate so many people joining their site so quickly. So many people joined, that those who run the site could not keep up with the demand and many of the early users suffered from not getting paid. If you are reading other reviews of Bubblews you may see a lot of negative ones from early users. Right now though it seems like the site operating better in better. On average it takes me about 30 days to be paid. Overall, it seems like current users are getting paid with very little issues


What Not To Do On Bubblews

There are some things you should avoid doing on Bubblews. When you join you have to adhere to certain rules to get paid. Below this section I will post a screenshot of Bubblews rules. Mainly don’t plagiarize, don’t steal pictures, don’t post porn, don’t post less than 400 characters, don’t make posts in a language other than English, and don’t try to manipulate traffic to get more views. The rules are very simple and if you abide by them you get paid. Don’t abide and you will be refused payment and possibly have your page shut down.

The most popular offense I see is plagiarism. They run your articles through a plagiarism detector so they can find copy/pasted articles easily. That doesn’t stop a lot of people though and I see many articles taken word for word from other sites on the internet.

Rules of Bubblews


Have you ever tried Bubblews?

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    • littlecat2013 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      peachpurple I'm sorry to hear that. It seems like different people either have great experiences or they have bad ones there. I know a lot of non-U.S., international users seem to have the most trouble being paid. So far I've made close to $1000 and I've been paid with no problems. I've even gotten emails back when contacting them. They are very inconsistent with their practices. I have heard rumors that they may never pay older redemptions because of all the fraud that was going on at that time. They can't tell truth from fraud I guess from before they set up the new site in October and didn't keep good records and are just starting the new year with a clean slate so older redemptions are basically being ignored for good.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i have 8 payments still not paid to me yet since 2013. The recent 4 payments starting from sept 2014 were the worst, 90 days still no news. Wrote to them but no news.

    • rapidforceads profile image

      Mohinder Paul Verma 

      3 years ago from India

      I am also writing my posts on this wonderful website Bubblews and earning a passive side income. This is a real website although some rules are changed and due to this earning is decreased but still I am writing and will ever try to write my imaginations in the form of posts.

      Bubblews gave me courage to write online and I will not leave this website.

    • littlecat2013 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you Mel Carriere! Glad you are also successful there. I'm not being paid to write anything on here about it. I wrote this article because I like Bubblews but there are so many people who break the rules then don't get paid because of that, then blast Bubblews in reviews as being horrible. I also can't stand the spammers on the site. It is one reason I don't like Bubblews. Right now older reviews, from when it was a new site being overwhelmed by users, pop up first in google searches. Old reviews slam the site as being bad but it has gotten better over time. People love to bash the site when they have a bad experience so I felt maybe some success reviews were needed.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      4 years ago from San Diego California

      Many people on this site make a living writing hubs about how Bubblews is a scam, so you risk being accused of being a paid shill for Bubblews. As for myself, I have also been paid every redemption on Bubblews except for the first, which I requested via check. I do not recommend asking for a check. I think now with the new version they require Pay Pal. My only complaint about Bubblews is that it is a technological clunker and breaks down quite frequently. Great hub!

    • littlecat2013 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      misty103 I wish you the best of luck! They are currently doing major updates to the site so you might experience some errors and slow going at first until they are done. Bubblews is usually great though and I hope you are successful. If you want to look me up on there my name is littleblacwolf10. I'd be happy to read your work. Just let me know it is you. Have fun!

    • misty103 profile image


      4 years ago

      I made my own account on the site today after reading your article!! So far I really like the site.

    • littlecat2013 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you misty103! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The site in this article is one of the best I've tried. It takes some work to build up connections with others but once you do it is really easy to make money there.

    • misty103 profile image


      4 years ago

      I really liked your hub, I love money making articles like this especially when they are about sites I have not heard of before.


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