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Making Money Online things to Consider

Updated on May 9, 2009

I remember a few years back when I first read about making money online; I started searching on the web about this subject. My thinking was "Is it really possible to stay at home and make money using the laptop?". I found so many websites claiming to help people make money online so I was very excited about the possibility of just making a living from home.

I did not know how to choose so I clicked on the first add that I thought looked like it could help me make money. There in the ad was this guy next to a brand new Mercedez with a quote saying "this could be yours, just follow my steps". I thought I had hit the lottery so I read the website and there I found promises of big earnings and lifestyle changes so I fell on the trap and purchased the so called money making program I think it was about $30.

The program consisted of different things to do to make money online. At the time I thought it was worth the money because I had not heard about those things that the book talked about. I soon realized by reading more and more on the web about ways to make money that this methods to make money were easily found on the web so yes I fell like a sucker who had been misled and I was really angry. From that moment on I decided that I would never just follow any advice about someone telling me about some making money method that just seemed to good to be true because it would probably be another scam just to get people's money.

Unfortunately the majority of people believe that making money online is easy, I was one of them. Making money online just like any other business requires patience, effort, time and I am sure that there will be frustrating days but I believe the key to being successful at making money online is toresearch, compare, read reviews and anything to find out about the different methods to actually make money using the net

There are legitimate methods to making money online and I will write about that in detail in a different hub, yes I have made money not to make a living from it but I am on my way. One of the methods I have been working on is SEO for the past couple of months, I have one of my sites only two pages away from being on page 1 in Google search result for a certain keyword that is searched about 20,000 times on average per month so I am confidnet that once I get to that number one page I will get more traffic to my site, so I know I am doing something right but I know I have a lot more to improve on but in the meantime I will still work on my efforts, not give up, and share my experiences that hopefully will inform and give ideas to others.


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