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Making Money Online Helped Me Get Through Dark Times

Updated on August 19, 2012

Making Money Online And Hard Times

Hello everybody. If you have read this hub, then you know that making money online helped me when I stopped stripping. Making money online has also helped me through other dark times in my life. When I say dark times, I do not mean being in debt and owing bills, although my online ventures has played a huge part in helping me pay bills that were once past due. However, making money online has helped me in a much bigger way than that.

Read on to find out how making money online got me through dark times and what those dark times were. I hope this hub motivates you to never give up hope on making income from the internet.

Making Money Online Helped Me Cope With A Death

Believe it or not but trying to make money online helped me cope with the death of the person who raised me. I considered this person my father as I never knew who my real father was, due to very personal and disgusting reasons.

Anyways there I was 22 years old, on a vacation and then I get the phone call I knew was going to come sooner or later. I was informed that the man I considered my father passed away. I cannot explain how I felt, I ended up going to a very dark place. No I never turned to drinking or drugs and I had plenty of people to turn to but I chose not to talk to anybody because I felt helpless.

I didn't even focus on my online ventures for a good month because I felt demotivated and I had way to many thoughts running through my head. I literally stayed in bed for 2 weeks straight and only got up to eat. After about a month I tried to go back to my online ventures but I still couldn't stay focus and all I wanted to do was vent and talk to the person who raised me.

So what did I do, instead of doing the normal stuff I was doing to make money online, I decided to start writing my thoughts down on a blog that I started at that time. I wrote so much in that blog and I just kept writing and writing and writing every little thing I have ever wanted to say to the person who raised me but never got the chance to. Before I knew it, within one week I had nothing else to write about the subject and I had this whole blog dedicated to the person who raised me. I felt a little better because I wrote so many different things.

I figured that I would make the blog public for a little bit. At the time I had a MySpace page with over 200K people on it, yes 200K. The day I published my blog and posted the link on my MySpace page I started getting a whole lot of traffic.

After seeing how much traffic I was getting I decided to monetize the blog just to see what happen. What happened was that within 3 weeks of having that blog I made quite a bit of money! I was shocked that I was able to do this.

I took down the blog after having it up for about 3-4 weeks because I felt like I didn't really need it anymore. I can say that writing and making that unexpected money helped me in more ways than one. Making money online really got me over that hard time in my life.

Making Money Helped Me Get Through My Divorce

There I was 25 years old and already divorced after being married for 7 short months. Divorce is not easy, especially when you really cared about the person at the time. You put a lot of energy into a marriage and when it breaks down, it really sucks and hurts and can leave a person confused. I know that my divorce left me hurt, confused and feeling worthless and unwanted.

The divorce did not hurt as much as losing the person that raised me but it certainly did not feel good at all. It was hard trying to keep myself busy enough to kind of get over the whole divorce. There were many other things involved that made the divorce hurtful but I will not get into those things but trust me when I say that there are other things involved. I even went to see a doctor and told her the situation and they wanted to prescribe me medication due to anxiety, depression and what not! I declined because I really did not prefer going on anything.

Instead I started to write daily about coping with divorce and before I knew it I had quite a bit material and I noticed that I actually wrote down a lot of tips on how to get over a divorce. I decided to start a website about it and published all the things I wrote down, after I edited of course. Before I knew it I had a new website that was bringing me in income on a daily basis. It was unreal.

I credit making money online with helping me get through my divorce and coming to terms with the situation.

Making Money Helped Me Cope With Worrying About Unknown Health Issues

Awhile back ago I had a routine physical and the doctor told me that I had a low white blood cell count. I didn't realize what this meant and I was just 26 years old, so I figured maybe it was a mistake or something but obviously doctors know what they are doing so I just accepted it and figured they would get to the bottom of it.

Next thing I know I had to see a hematologist who then ran many different tests on me to figure out why my white blood cell count was low. They never could figure it out and it was kind of annoying but I decided to not worry as much about it but I found myself stressing over it and just wanted to know why.

Instead of stressing about it I decided to record a few videos making light of the situation and what not. I decided to upload a few of the videos to YouTube and before I knew it 2 of the 8 videos I uploaded ended up getting a crazy about of views and I started to make decent money from those 2 videos. I started to stay focus on earning a bit of money on YouTube and eventually it paid off because I soon stopped stressing over the situation and decided to take the whole thing as it comes.

Making money online helped me relieve the stress of worrying about the whole health issue.

Oh and in case you're curious my white blood cell count actually increased for some reason and my count may naturally low compared to others.

Final Note

Thanks for reading this hub. I just want to let you all know that I firmly believe anybody can make money online, and anybody can make a living working from home and online. I do not care where you are from, your background or your education or experience, I believe you can earn cash online and earn enough to make a living.

Be patient, work hard, work smart, take risks and repeat and you will be successful online eventually. I didn't start making real money online overnight but if I took it very serious from day one and knew what I know now, it would have made things easier.

Never give up people and go for your dreams.


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      worddsplaytoday 5 years ago from NC

      Nice Hub and very inspiring!