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Making Money Online: It is Real Or A Myth?

Updated on March 19, 2011
Dollars and Sense
Dollars and Sense

Making Money Online

Okay, if you are reading this you probably need some extra cash.

You probably want to start your own business or you are unemployed, in-between jobs, got laid-off, underemployed, underpaid, just finished school or you are a working student, working or trying to find work so that you can study or go back to school, a stay at home mom or dad or both, haven’t worked a day in your life, or as I have said earlier, you just need some extra cash.

And I would imagine that you need it quick.

And you need it to come easy.

You also probably have scoured the world-wide-web, your email box, your daily mail, newspaper ads, posters, handouts and leaflets and you like a million others just like you have asked the question “Can I Really Make Money Online?”

You know what? You can, if were Jerry Yang and David Filo and you made something like Yahoo before anyone else thought of that.

You can, if you were Pierre Omidyar and you made eBbay.

And you surely can, if you were Mark Zuckerberg and you created Facebook.

But don’t worry, if you do not have smart ideas nobody else have come up yet, you can still make money online by doing one or a combination of these things I will enumerate below.

I know you probably have done your own research and looked up all other options online but I believe that just because you are still reading this, you still haven’t found what you have been looking for. Or you just want to have that extra push, so that you will finally take a step and do something.

And you are not alone, in the last few years there has been a lot of people just like you who have been trying to look for ways to make some money online. But the hard truth is that only a small percentage of people like you will ever make some decent money online. And a lot have even fallen prey to online scammers.

But don’t fret, just because I told you this sad truth, for it is also true that real online money making can be found and are out there, somewhere.

And there are many genuine online home based business opportunities out there.

They do exist, the only thing is that you have to wade through all the online scams and all the online rip-offs that you yourself have probably seen a lot of. And you probably have been had, at least once.

But don’t you worry, this is most probably your day. And if you are ever so sure that you want to make some money online or to have your own work from home business, then by all means continue reading, and you might just find what you need right here, right now.

Okay let me just list three ways for you to make some money online or you to start your own online business. And all these you could probably do one after the other, and even all, and all at the same time.

First: Sell On eBay

This is most probably the best way for you to start making some real money online, quick and easy. Start by browsing through the eBay web site and try to see what people are selling, how they are selling it and for how much. There are also a lot of tips to read while you are there. And if you haven’t tried eBay before or know nothing about eBay or other similar sites, you probably need to put in some quality time reading up on all the basics of selling and buying on any online auction site, and by the way, which eBay is basically.

And it is a quick way to get rid of all those junk you have been keeping all these years. And you better believe it when people say somebody’s trash is another’s treasure. So you might be sitting on all the treasure somebody out there have been looking to pay top dollar for all this time. And all you need to do is to just list them and sell them on eBay.

There are also other ways to make money on eBay, but start on that and you soon will get the hang of it.

Second: If You Have Nothing To Sell, then Sell Yourself

I mean not literally sell yourself but sell your talents or your skills. In essense, you can be a freelance this or a freelance that, depending on what it is you do good and you have the time, the training and the talent to do.

And this could be writing, web design, graphic design, cartooning, web marketing, proofreading, transcribing, legal services, medical services, any type of data entry, accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, telemarketing, public speaking, or whatever.

In recent years, blogging have taken off and lots of very talented and knowledgeable writers have made some decent money online writing blogs or articles or even ghost writing. You do need to have a lot of skill and a lot of time to be able to make the kind of money you may be hoping for, but if that is what you are good at, then writing a blog it is.

Third: This Is Most Probably The Last Or The Final Online Frontier, Sell Ads

And if you maintain your own blog site or if you write blogs or articles or anything worth publishing then you can put up online advertisements on it and you can get paid for each click and for each item your site manages to sell. Online, this is known as Affiliate Marketing and in simple terms you become an affiliate of an established business who sells something and what you do is you drive web visitors (or people who are ready to buy) to business websites and you basically help market (and sell) the products they want to sell.

In simple terms you become an online marketer. But it is not just that and there are also some things you need to know in order to be successful in this online endeavor. And among the stuff that you need to read on are search engine optimization, email marketing, and marketing through many other online means. But you can most probably do that while you start on writing online content (blogs or articles) or maintain your website (paid or free).

Anyway, among the more popular Affiliate Marketing Programs out there is the Google Adsense Program. And it is a free and easy to use program. Did I say free?

Check here for more details:

And among the more popular user-generated (you) content (the stuff you write) websites out there is Hubpages. And there are several ways to make money on this free website. Again, I said free.

Writing and Adsense: Now that makes sense.

Wht you do next is after signing up on this free site is to sign up for the Google Adsense Program, so that you can add Google Ads on the things you write and publish online. Again signing up for Google Adsense is also free (no scams here). You can also be an Affiliate of other Advertisers such as Amazon and be an Amazon Associate. With Amazon, you too can sign up easily and for free.

You can also sign up with the eBay Partner Network (if you are eligible) and you can also get a Kontera Account, for more chances to make money. So what are you waiting for?

Want to start writing and publishing it, quick and easy and best of all for free in Hubpages?

Click here to sign up

What You Can Do Right Now, So That You Can Be On Your Way To Make Some Real Money Online:

1. Sign up: First you need a Username, a Password and an Email Address

If you have that then Click here to sign up

2. You can start writing about something that you know a lot about. Hubpages has easy on screen tools to help you do that, like format your text, add photos, slideshows, links, videos and yes advertisements so you can make more money.

3. Sign up for an Google Adsense account (if you haven’t done so yet).

4. Sign up for an Amazon account while you’re at it (approval for both of these could take a few days, so be patient, but the sooner you do it, the sooner you make something online)

5. Add your Adsense and your Amazaon IDs to your Hubpage. After that, your page or pages will begin making money as people visit your page, when someone clicks on the ads and when people do purchase something. One last thing, you should do a lot of reading up on the Terms of Service of Hubpages, of Google Adsense and of the Amazon Associate Program so as to avoid getting your account banned or suspended. And you also need to brush up and study up on Keyword Research, Backlinking, Referring/Linking/Marketing and other things that I have mentioned earlier if you want to be really successful in this endeavor. And one last thing, have fun, be smart, be teachable, be open-minded, be patient and just write!


Making Money Online Summary

So to summarize, the three thing you can do to start making and continue making money online is:

1. Sell on eBay

2. Sell your skill

3. Sell Ads

Sounds easy enough, but it does get tricky and it's not a get rich quick scheme. But if you do your research right and do all the right things at the right time, you might just hit it big on and out of line. And if you do, just remember that you read it first right here. Bookmark and please share this page. Now go and start making some money.

Click here to sign up to Hubpages


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