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Making Money Online with Clixsense

Updated on June 4, 2015

Ways to Efficiently Earn Money with Clixsense

Let me briefly explain to those who do not know what is Clixsense. Clixsense is a site which you do not have to pay a cent to be a regular member. Of course, if you're opting for a premium membership, you will have to pay for the membership fee fixed by Clixsense. There are, of course, more benefits if you were to signup under premium membership. For instance, the cashout amount would be at $6.00 instead of $8.00 for regular membership. Other than that, Clixsense is an online site for you to make money online, either by viewing ads, or by clicking on the random boxes in Clixgrid (you might win $5.00, if you're lucky!), offers, surveys and lastly tasks. Of course, another way of earning through Clixsense is through referral program. So, feel free to refer this site to your friends or anyone!

1. Viewing Ads

-There are few types of ads available on Clixsense. The ads are ranged from $0.001/3 sec - $0.01/30 sec. I'd only recommend you to view at least 10 ads to unlock the bonus checklist of Clixsense. I would not recommend anyone to earn money via Clixsense solely by viewing ads. Realistically, merely by viewing ads won't be able to make good money for you. People who often rely on this, would probably give up and conclude the following, "Impossible to earn money on this site!" "This site is just another scam!"

2. Surveys

-Survey is by far the fastest way and weighs the most to make money online through Clixsense. So, if you're lucky, and happen to meet the exact criteria wanted by the surveyor, then I can assure you that you'll be able to make quite a sum of money through it! I was only lucky for a few times! I managed to earn $2.73 for a survey which took me less than 5mins.

3. Tasks
-This is another way I'd recommend one to make money online via Clixsense. You will have to do as many tasks as you can at the initial stage. There's no such thing as shortcut! As you move on from level 1 to higher level, you'll be entitled to more and more tasks. Of course, as you go higher level, the pay would also differ (higher).

-Many people want to make money online FAST, but realistically, you still have to start off with some perseverence and determination in order to be able to make money FAST. Many of my referrals have failed to realize this and gave up before they could earn money from this! So, pay heed to this advice. Foundation is very important! Once you've had the foundation (reached higher level on tasks etc), you'll be able to earn more and faster.

-Another tips on this area is, BE SMART. You are not a robot, you're a human! If a tasks and its pay, in your perception, is not worth it. Then, forgo it. Choose another task which is more worthwhile! This is something that I only began to realize after doing heaps of junk tasks, which pays you at a very low rate.

4. RadioLoyalty

-RadioLoyalty is not just any ordinary radio you listen to. Alternatively, this can be used to earn $0.01. How? When you Login to Clixsense, under Offer > ClixOffers > RadioLoyalty. You will be required to enter a captcha every 30 mins. By entering that captcha, you'll earn yourself $0.01. Just as simple as that!

5. ClixGrid

-As I have briefly mentioned earlier on, ClixGrid is a lucky game. You are entitled to 20 chances to click on the random boxes shown on the screen. The rewards differs for each boxes you win. The reward range from $0.10-$5.00. I was only lucky enough to earn $0.50 maximum.

-However, there was a tips on being able to earn from this more frequently, which is by playing the ClixGrid more frequently. In short, the more frequent you play ClixGrid, the more likely you'll be able to earn from this. I can't guarantee if this "theory" really works, but if it does, good for you!

Before I end, let me assure you that Clixsense is a legitimate online site that really pays you! There are many real life testimonies on this site that you can easily find it from Google. I have been paid many times via Paypal.

Success is like a ladder where you have to climb step by step and do a lot of hard work to reach at the top.

Hopefully you find this article help! Cheers!

Example Based on my own Referee

This is the RadioLoyalty which I've mentioned.
This is the RadioLoyalty which I've mentioned.

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Goals on Making Money Online with Clixsense

Ways of earning through Clixsense
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Keeping in track of your progress.

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