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Making Money and Having Fun

Updated on June 1, 2011

If you ask everyone of they think is the greatest difficulty they have to overcome to become wealthy, you will find that their attitude about money is one of the main problems. Everyone wants to become rich and prosperous, but they don't want the trouble that they think will be part of their lives if they decide to become rich.

What is most ironic, however, is that the richest people will tell you that the reality is exactly the opposite: making large amounts of money is just the process of doing things that you enjoy, while at the same time taking full responsibility for it.

While a lot of people believe that having money is difficult and it most be hard to achieve, a few others have learned that this is not the case. They just need to be in a path of something that generates money, and then the money will flow to their lives easily. It is a matter of being consistent with what you like to do and persistent in providing the best of yourself.

The Rich Got It

Stop just for a minute and think: if a person like Bill Gates, who was for a long time the richest person in the world, didn't truly enjoy the work he is doing, would he put with the trouble to become the richest person in the world? The answer is certainly not. If all he was trying to do was getting rich, he would have stopped and sold Microsoft as soon as his personal fortune reached a few million dollars.

Suppose that you are a successful entrepreneur but you don't like the long hours that the business require from you. Would you be willing to spend so much time on that business? Especially if you know that you have a few million dollars in your personal account and you can use them to fund the next thing that you really enjoy in life?

The Real Stimulus

If you think about this, you will quickly realize that the only thing that can be moving people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and any other guy who has much more that what he needs to survive is not love for just money, but for the business itself.

When you realize this, you will conclude that anything that you do to be successful must be done at the same level. You need to love the things that you are doing, as if you were able to do that even if no money was involved. Once you find something that you love to do and that is part of your live, you will find no difficulty in moving with it to the next level and making it a successful business.

Passion is Rewarded

Most people are not impressed when them see someone whose only goal is to make money. Such people are usually shallow and difficult to relate with. They tend to see only material goals and are not interested in other people.

On the other hand, when we find people that are truly passionate about what they are doing it is much more interesting to relate to them -- especially if you have their work in high regard. And this is what will move your and other people to see their work as something valuable. Value is what everybody is looking for in their lives. If you are able to offer great value to other people, you will certainly conquer wealth.

It is not a lot of wishful thinking. On the contrary, thinking and acting according to the things that you believe make you strong and attract money to your side. People like to be around other people that do interesting things. Not just because of the money, but also because it makes them improve their lives. It is never just about money, it is about how to live a wealthy life.


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