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Making Money and Quickly in Midland, Texas

Updated on March 7, 2013

Midland, Texas , Making Money Quick

West Texas Scenery
West Texas Scenery | Source

Making Money And Quickly In Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas is halfway between El Paso, Tx and Ft. Worth , Tx so that puts the little city about 300 miles away from the big cities. What makes Midland, Texas so special is not the tropical paradise we have in our area, but the oil and gas in the ground . Once you get about 50 miles close to Midland, Texas , you can smell the different Petro-chemical gasses that are in the air due to all the exploration in and around the county. One definitely knows when they are in this area with all the traffic we have in our little city of about 100 thousand residents as of this writing. The Permian Basin is hard to outline , yet it encompasses Midland, Odessa, Andrews, and several other counties that want to be a part of the Permian Basin.Is there places to live? No , there is not, and prices are very high once you find anything to rent. Your best bet is to search Craigslist for a room to rent for about six hundred on up for a room out of someone's house. There seems to be a few of these that people don't talk about. The gouging these homeowner's do to get this money from you should be against the law. You are now in our country though, and you live by our rules and laws.This is just a setup for the topic of making some money quickly in Midland, Texas. Like all money situations, you will have to deal with the good and the bad of living in a remote area and try to stay sober at the same time. Drinking seems to be a big past time for after work activities, and if caught driving you will go to jail. There is a fine line out in this area. You do the crime , you will do the time. Along with the money is the crime and drugs, the police seem to have a good hold of this for such a rich area in the USA. You will be safe in this town, so leave your dope at home and sober up to make a good living for once in your life, then throw it all away if you chose.

The first option is to look on the internet on or and get a feel for what Midland , Texas is hiring for. Most jobs are not listed to make this a bit more confusing, its by word of mouth and who you know. Craigslist has a whole slew of opportunities that are not listed with the bigger employment companies, so I suggest this also.Here is a hint to Craigslist, Midland, Texas is not on this , look for Odessa, Texas. Odessa is just 20 miles west of Midland and yes quick money is to be had there like Midland, Texas I am staying focused on Midland, Texas for this article though.Start sending out resumes from your home town and see how quickly you get a response. I was recently let go for having too many tickets for a company , so I recently had to look for another job. It was not hard at all to find a 15$ per hour job in a matter of seconds, now if you want to work grocery stores or fast food expect this . In fact just come here and be ready to work, if this is what you are looking for, yet factor in the living cost.

Many oil and gas companies are looking for technical help and most have training for the younger folks and the older ones for that matter. The oil rigs are always looking for a few souls that can take the pressure and heat of the job. Midland, Texas has to be the easiest place to get a job in a matter of minutes than anywhere I have ever been. I blame the oil boom for this. You see when a guy can go from Arby's fast food and get a starting job on a oil rig making up to 27$ per hour, he or she is gone, then that leaves an opening . This is why Midland, Texas and quickly making money are possible now and for years to come. This boom will not bust like so many in the past have. Please read more on that somewhere else. I am not qualified to explain. I grew up here, and this is my second boom to go through, and there is no comparison to the last in 1982.

Run a search on Midland, Texas and get familiar with the landscape and don't forget where your about to leave. You will want to go back someday to retire in all probability. Some might find that the area has much to offer them . We are getting more and more entertainment and the housing is starting to really kick off. Midland Spaceport, is a new concept and has taken off quite nicely and soon you can take a trip into space from this town and no other place offers this.In west Texas," Where the wind blows and the oil flows" is like a small Saudi Arabian township. In this town you will find elegance in fine jewelry and eateries plus fashionable stores are opening up daily and the construction is at 110 percent capacity to making a world wide place for other occupations besides the oil and gas industries. Making money and quickly in Midland, Texas is a real life drama story. The information I just gave is what I used to obtain a new job and it will help you . Once your phone and internet email start packing up with employment companies wanting to hire you on, it does have a calming effect on your life to know you are wanted . Depending on your education and skills, you can make it out here and make it big. Now is the time to invest in Midland, Texas also , so keep that in mind for those whom can. There are so many new residents in this town that you will fit in just fine as a newcomer to the area. The big question is can you stand the lack of things to do in your spare time while you are not working in Midland? Make big money and take trips are a top priority for the wealthy in town. It really is not that bad, in the long run, only minutes to a Walmart and restaurants are abundant in all areas of the Permian Basin.

The old timers in Midland, Texas seem to be accepting the fact that this town has been changing with new folks. This is a good sign that you will be welcome to this area and hopefully adapt to what this place has to offer and what it does not. Money is not everything, yet during these times in other parts of the USA , you cannot compare what God has blessed us in Midland, Texas. If you can make it here I wish you well on your journey, and maybe this article will help when you come up the Interstate and see these tall buildings out of nowhere, not such a shock and make you pull a u-turn.Oh yeah , we have great Psychiatrist and Psychologist in town also..


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