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Making Money on eBay with the Right Presentation

Updated on June 17, 2013

“A picture is worth one thousand words.” Whomever it was that coined that quote a very long time ago couldn’t be any more correct.

That phrase is especially true when it comes to making money on eBay. When selling items on the auction giant one variable that will affect how much you can earn are your choice of photos.

eBay is not some enormous retail chain that one can walk into and really “feel” the tangibles they’re buying. You basically have to go off a couple of things: the seller’s feedback ratings and images of the item.

As the one looking to make money on eBay your ratings will come in due time. Stay honest, remain consistent, and eventually it will pay off. Your choice of photographs, however, can be affected immediately. In this article I would like to point out some things that will help you take better photos, set up the ideal presentation of your item, and ultimately get it sold!

Better Detail

In the age of mobile smart phones and the eBay application, it’s easy to become complacent. That type of convenience will prompt you take all your photos with your device.

Whenever you can help it definitely use a stand-alone camera; especially if you get more megapixels out of it.

I currently use a 10.1 MP Sony DSLR camera to take shots of my listings. On eBay the prospective buyer is thinking, “What I see is what I will get.” With that said the more pixels the more details of the item will show.


As you take photos of your item for sale consider using accompanying props. Making money on eBay requires a little creativity.

This means that if you’re selling infant apparel it will be a good idea to include infant accessories.

If you’re selling sports memorabilia throw a basketball or football in the shot. Don’t forget to disclose that your props are not part of the sale.

As simple as it seems, these little things can go a long way especially if there are identical items for sale. Those props really separate you from the pack.

If apparel is your niche a great prop to use would be a discarded mannequin. When a local store no longer wants it, investigate with ownership on how to acquire one.

Edit For Best Results

Screenshot of Picasa software.
Screenshot of Picasa software.

Refrain from uploading the raw photo to your listing. The recommendation is that you run that image through your photo editor of choice. Feel free to crop out unnecessary objects in your photo.

Maybe soften the image (think baby clothing), or brighten it up a bit if not enough lighting was present. Using raw images can delay your listing process. A large file that is not truncated will take longer than normal to load.

If your listing has multiple photos then listing the item can make for a tedious task. It is very possible to minimize on file size while preserving the details on a photo.

When making money on eBay first place yourself in the buyers shoes. Ask yourself what you would like to see when shopping for jeans.

Are you interested in the cut of the pant leg? Or, are you more concerned with the condition of the buttons on the item. If you’re wondering these things chances are that your prospective buyer is too. Be totally selfless as you take photos of your item.

Your photographs are only just a fraction of what goes into the complete success of an eBay sale. It’s a huge portion, though. Remember – you have to sell the item. Not to mention to a person that could very well be 6,500 miles away.


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