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Making a Career in the Field of Information Security

Updated on April 25, 2013

Information security, also known as InfoSec is the practice and process of protecting data from unauthorized access, disclose, use, disruption, perusal, modification, recording, inspection, or destruction. Though mainly referred to electronic data, information security can also be applied to physical data. The term mainly refers to the methods and measures that are used for improving computer security.

If you are thinking of making a career in the field of information security, you must know that different types of jobs are available in this field. This is a diverse field and you have different roles to choose from. Here are some of the common information security jobs that you must learn about:

Information Security Analyst:

This is one of the most popular profiles that aspiring candidates want to work in. being an information security analyst, you will be responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the various security policies. You would also have to point out the vulnerable areas that need improvement. This way, you would be able to mitigate potential risks.

Being the analyst, you would have to work with the various departments within the company, and determine areas where improvement needs to be made. Once you have analysed the systems in various departments and made recommendations, you would have to create thorough design documents that these departments would implement.

Industries/companies where you should look for a job: Once you have decided to become an information security analyst, you may start looking for jobs in companies that deal with information. Every organisation has valuable data that they need to protect. Therefore, every organisation needs an Infosec Analyst.

Incident Responder:

Incident responders are responsible for monitoring computer systems for any kind of security breach. If such a security breach takes place, the responder will have to report and document that. They would also have to create and implement appropriate countermeasures for making sure such breaches do not take place in the future. Being an incident responder, you will be responsible for undertaking corrective and protective measures whenever security incidents are discovered.

Industries/companies where you should look for a job: Incident responders generally work for the network monitoring department or SOC of the data centres.

Chief Information Security Officer:

A Chief Information Security Officer, also known as CISO has the most significant responsibilities to fulfil. Being a CISO, you will be in charge of all the computer security systems of the organisation. You will also have to supervise the work of every employee who is involved in safeguarding the company’s digital security. The entire network of people that the organisation deals with may include anyone from the security officers to hardware and software vendor. They may also be responsible for identifying the company’s objectives regarding digital protection.

Other than that, their job role may also include additional responsibilities like determining the allotment of resources depending on the level of priority, monitoring investigations of a security breach, as well as planning incident response. The job role of a CISO may differ from one country to another. In some countries, the CISO may have the legal liability of the organisation’s Information Security Health.

Industries/companies where you should look for a job: Every large organisation deals with important data that cannot be disclosed. Such information needs to be protected and that is when a CISO required. That is why all the large organisations need the expertise of a Chief Information Security Officer.

When looking for an information security job, you may think of availing the services of a recruitment company that specialises in providing jobs in that arena. Experis, a reputed recruitment company based in the UK, has been successfully placing candidates in different sectors of the professional field.


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      Onlinestrategies 4 years ago

      The job of CISO is one of the most sought after career has a huge responsibility to shoulder.