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Making a dream come true: the art and science of dream-building

Updated on November 29, 2016

A new Cambodian Medical Clinic: a need

A primary health care clinic, in Nature, in Cambodia, is essential.
A primary health care clinic, in Nature, in Cambodia, is essential. | Source

"Making Dreans Come to Life"

We exist in a world where dreams can come true. For example, like him or not, Donald Trump is a good example of an effective dreamer. He dreams big and his dreams are known for coming true.

The rest of us have the came opportunities for dreaming and for making our dreams come true. All dreams are important, be they large or small. In reality, there are actually no small dreams. If a dream is yours, and it is a sincere wish for something that you want in life, then it is an important dream.

It is amazing to me how dreams come to us, how they enter our minds. The manner in which dreams come to us are too numerous to count. The dreams come in numerous ways and at different times. For example, my dream, concerning the building of a primary health care clinic in Cambodia, came to me unexpectedly. Actually, I got "blind-sided" by this dream.

I have a Cambodian friend who communicates with me on the internet. He is an engineer there in Cambodia. Somehow, he and I were talking about Cambodia and we got on the subject of the need for a medical clinic in this particular place in Cambodia.

There was a time in my life when I was very active working in medical clinics and hospitals. I had three medical clinics, during the time when I was actively practicing medicine, small ones that existed away from nearby hospitals or large medical centers. This is how I learned how to establish new medical clinics and operate them successfully. This is also how I became a very effective primary health care provider. I had to be good, great actually, because I had no one to turn to for help. Practicing medicine, the way I did, "away from civilization," so to speak, became something that I was good at. It is not easy when you are out there by yourself practicing medicine.

My Cambodian friend's mother is a physician. This is a good thing. She can help me with ideas for getting the clinic personnel in place and procuring physicians in the future. In this day and age, when computers are available, and communication methods are effective, "setting up," and operating a medical clinic effectively is much easier than it used to be back in the old days when I worked so hard practicing medicine alone, the old way.

What have we learned about dreams so far? This has been an easy going article and I have not drilled you with the words "dream-making" over and over again.

Instead, I have use one example of just one of my many active and ongoing dreams to help you see how I practice the art of dream-making. Notice that I have mentioned how I have more than one dream. More than one dream at a time even. On my family farm here in Franklin, Tennessee I am growing, researching, and enjoying learning about several medicinal herbs. Herbs that I feel may have the potential to cure certain cancers. Even if one of these herbs prove to assist physicians in their efforts to help cancer patients, my dream will have been worth it.

Another dream that I have is to establish a 2,500 gallon fish tank operation for growing fish here at my farm. I feel that I can grow fish cleaner and healthier than fish that are caught in many lakes and rivers that exist in may of the world's ecosystems around me. I like eating clean, safe fish.

There you are. We have talked about dreams, in my article, in a way that I hope was fun for you. Enjoy your dreams. I am sure that you already have some wonderful dreams, as you look toward the future.


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