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Making life changing decisions

Updated on April 19, 2016

Turning your life around is never easy. To fully understand the complexity of this process imagine a tanker that needs to turn around. How many small decisions need to be made to accomplish that? What are the costs? Who will be affected and in what way? Making changes in life works in similar way – people tend to be emotionally connected to their habits. Every day we are used to living by our own routine – going to work, studying, spending money, having time off. The question is why this needs to change? If someone is unhappy with their life, who is to blame?

Alarming signs

There are many ways how our bodies let us know if something is wrong. One perfect example is insomnia. People who can’t sleep at night may be stressed and anxious. Even if someone is extremely tired there is a small chance they can get a good sleep. Being too tired is almost as bad as not being tired at all. Either way, your body will tell you something is wrong and stress won’t go away on its own. Another possible sign is bad mood and lack of interest. If you find yourself constantly in a bad mood and at conflict with others there may be a deeper problem – ask yourself what am I doing wrong? Is it your job that is casing stress? Or maybe there are too many financial obligations lying on your shoulders.

Causes of stress include pessimism, chronic worry and all-or-nothing attitude as well as financial problems and relationship difficulties

More is less.

People tend to want more, no matter how much they have. Borrowing money has been made so easy that people don’t have doubts anymore, whether they can afford something or not. It is particularly alarming how many young people are borrowing without thinking it properly through. Even school kids are walking around with expensive iPhones which their parents are probably still paying for. The term buying has lost its meaning – people are borrowing to buy and this way become financial slaves of their banks. Key issue here is understanding whether they actually need all these products or they are just trying to follow the trend. Just because everyone else has it doesn’t mean that you should.

Action plan

Getting out of difficult life situation requires a lot of work with yourself. First, all bad habits need to go. This includes cigarettes, alcohol, parties and expensive gadgets. In the end – a phone is just a phone, it is there to make calls, and you don’t need to a whole computer to make calls. Second, bad job needs to go too. Working your ass off so that you can afford to buy things you don’t need – that is a really bad strategy! Simply put, everyone should think it through – what is really important to stay alive and what are the things you can live without? Make a list to have a better picture – it may surprise you!

Finding the right job may be tough because it may not be so well paid as your current job. In the end, what is better – having a stressful life or enjoying what you do every day? By taking the right approach there may be a way out of any situation. People are getting into all kinds of trouble because they don’t even know what they want. Being determined and passionate about something is a key to happiness. So think again – are you on the right track? Do you know where you are going and where you will be in next 5-10 years? Maybe there is a better way – your way!


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