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Create YouTube account and earn money

Updated on July 4, 2016

Making money using YouTube

Most people use YouTube as a source of the media content they wish to be exposed to. They have heard that there are ways of earning earn money from YouTube channels but are not really quite sure how it works. In order to earn money from YouTube by uploading videos you will have to popularize your uploaded video content. This can be done through YouTube, web sites, social networks and blogs. The more views the content draws in the more money you are going to be paid. It is not enough to get the viewers to watch. You will have to enable monetization for your channel. Then you have to create an adSense account. This will help you earn money from monetized videos using advertises that they provide. Ad Sense will only accept your proposal if they see that there is a good flow of viewers. It is good to get acquainted with the kind of videos that you can monetize and the different ad formats that are available for people to see while viewing your video. Keep on reading if you want to know the proper procedure of how to earn money from YouTube views.

Getting Started with 8 easy steps

How to earn money from YouTube with adSense can be split up into 8 easy steps for the convenience of your understanding. You can start earning money quickly through YouTube, especially if you have a large subscriber base. The steps are shown below.

Getting Started with 8 easy steps on YouTube

Getting Started with 8 easy steps on YouTube
Getting Started with 8 easy steps on YouTube

1. Open up a YouTube channel

A YouTube account Is your google account. If you have a google account then you will be able to start posting videos. You should add the right key words that are relevant to the content in the Advanced section of your channels setting option. Having a sweet and simple user name that is easy to remember will be beneficial to SEO purposes and your ongoing efforts

How often do you use Youtube videos?

How often do you use Youtube videos?

See results

2. Adding content

Short and high quality videos perform great. Consistency is key in this situation. You would be wise to update the channel by uploading new content on a regular basis. Making the perfect video will take time and practice. The more videos you make the more experience you gain. The filming should be done well using good light sources and a tripod. An editing software will help with the finishing touches that are needed. Make sure to include the relevant key words and good descriptions to the video and keep on uploading.

Filming for YouTube

Filming for YouTube
Filming for YouTube

Mind Blowing YouTube Facts

Total number of people who use YouTube
hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
videos are watched on Youtube every single day
5 billion
The total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month
900 million
Youtube videos that generated over 1 billion views
YouTube’s views are from outside of the U.S
The average number of mobile YouTube video views per day
You can navigate YouTube in a total of
76 different languages
U.S small businesses use Youtube

3. Building your audience

The more viewer you have the more monetization will pay off. If people do not watch your ads then you are not going to get paid. Great content is the first way to lure In viewers. Share your videos on twitter and Facebook. Post the link of your videos on blogs that are relevant to your niche target. Interaction with the viewers through comments will help get the attention of people too. Overall make the best effort you can to expose your video content to as many people as possible through out all available platforms.

Tags are Important on YouTube

A free trick to rocket your YouTube uploads on relevant audience. Just think about the search terms people use when they need to find something like your video. For an example think that you selling female condoms and you have tutorial videos on YouTube. How someone will search for something like your video?

"how to wear a condom for female"

So you do the same search on youtube and find some popular videos. Go inside > Pick their Tags/Keywords > Put those tags on your video

That's it !

Building your audience on YouTube

Building your audience on YouTube
Building your audience on YouTube

4. Monetization of YouTube Videos

You have to enable monetization to get paid. Enabling it will mean that there is no copyrighted material in the shared videos. To monetize videos, open Video Manager and click the “$” sign next to the video that you want to monetize. Check the “Monetize with Ads” box.

Monetize multiple videos at once


5. Google AdSense

Setting up google AdSense is free. You have to be an adult to be able to open an account. A bank account or pay pall account is needed with valid mailing address. The information will help adSense to pay you the money you have earned. It pays out for every click on an ad by some one and a smaller amount on just views. The money will start flowing in with time. The better the video and the audience size is, the more money you will make.

Important: If you apply for AdSense with YouTube you will getting a "Hosted Account" on AdSense which means you can't put ads on sites other than google AdSense partnered sites such as YouTube, Blogger, HubPages. You can also use your existing AdSense account for monetize YouTube if you already have one.

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6. Analytics check

there is an analytic option in your channel. It is very handy for those who have started the monetization on the basis of they viewer inflow. You will be able to see the performance of the channel including demographics, video views, ad performance and estimated earnings. If a video is performing poorly it could be the weakest link that has to be gotten rid of. You can decide if such measures have to be taking after reviewing the analytical content.

7. Market the video through out the web

YouTube is a good start. There are however more options to popularize your video. You can start a blog or website for your video to be posted on. There is a wide array of social media platforms that too will help get more viewers . By sharing the link or embedding the video, the chances of building an audience increases.

8. Being a YouTube partner

There is an option to be a YouTube partner. It is usually for those who have succeeded in gathering a large number of views for their videos. It has some perks such as added content creation tools, resources to help in marketing the monetized content and chances to win lots of prizes. You need to have 15,000 cumulative watch hours for your channel over the last 90 days for the chance to be an elite partner.


If you haven't already done this then create a YouTube account and earn money as soon as you can by following the information provided in this article. Don't be demotivated if it starts out slow. Remember that good content and good marketing can make a great difference and earn you a lot of money. So many YouTube superstars are getting paid from the ad revenue that they generate. You can do that too. Sign up, create content, monetize your channel, connect to AdSense, evaluate analytics, market on the web and if you gain the right amount of success then become a partner to YouTube.

People use both blackhat an whitehat on YouTube. I am not telling you to go for blackhat methods but as a matter of fact everyone need to be litter tricky if they wish to see the success. So go for grayhat which means mix both white and black hat methods do make your own methods. Never ever giveup. Not only direct advertising on YouTube can make profit for you it also helps to earn people trust on your brand. Always try to do something unique. Contact with experts and ask them to help with your work do a serious business with them. Don't sit back and hope your videos will magically appear in the trend. You have to stay focus.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you are able to become a YouTube superstar in the near future.

Best Wishes for everyone on YouTube


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