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Making the most of your Facebook business page

Updated on April 7, 2015

Facebook has changed our social landscape irrevocably. On average Britons now spend 62 million hours each and every day (The Independent, 2013) using social media, with US users surpassing this with a staggering 40 minutes spent per day, per user (TechCrunch 2014). It’s little wonder then that businesses across industries all generally place plenty of importance on promoting themselves through this now powerful medium and, as an essential part of this, focus their efforts on creating and maintaining an effective Facebook business page. So in this guide I provide some handy tips for truly making the most of your Facebook page, and the ways in which you can make your social media marketing life just that little bit easier.

Seven steps to Facebook marketing success

Adding useful pages to your Favourites

Adding pages into your own business page’s favourites can be useful for a number of reasons, not least because you can keep helpful pages to hand with the best part being that you don’t even need to be flicking back into business page mode, instead when viewing another page just click on the “Add to my pages’ favourites” button found to the left of their profile pic.

Facebook business page features that you’re probably not using

Facebook business pages have and continue to evolve. From the pretty simplistic pages of old, to today offering plenty of features that empower you in connecting to potential customers. Here are three features that may however have passed you by.

“Use Facebook As Page”

Previously business page owners struggled to flit between their personal profile and their business page. Thankfully Facebook have now made this a thing of the past and you can now easily switch back and forth by simply clicking on the “Use Facebook as a Page” option found below the account tab in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Featured Likes and Page Owners

Featured Likes and Pages Owners can be useful for two reasons, first because you can help your customers find the information and complimentary business services that they may be looking for, and second because you can increase your exposure by way of mutual Likes and Page Owner favoriting.

To add a favorite Like simply click on the “Edit Page” on your profile page and click on the “Featured” link found on your page’s menu to the left. Then click on “Add Featured Likes” and select anything up to five Likes to appear pride of place on your business profile.

Adding featured pages owners follows a similar process, although instead of Likes select the “Add Featured Page Owners” option.

Understanding Apps

Pages Manager App

Need to post content whilst flying from one business meeting to the next? For this there is the Pages Manager App, which is available for both Android and iOS. And as well as content management, you’ll also be able to keep up with a live page feed, manage your events and upload as many images as you want for single posts.

Tweets to Pages

This app is both simple and powerful; it installs a Twitter feed directly onto your Facebook business page tab. Tweets to Pages is then the perfect app for amalgamating your social media marketing efforts, it also encourages users to follow you on more than just one platform.

What do you find the biggest Facebook marketing challenge to be?

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Facebook business page tabs

Facebook business page tabs can achieve all sorts of marketing magic, as well as a fair bit of legal housekeeping to boot. As an example of the former, let’s take Amy Porterfield’s example, as demonstrated below. Here she has installed a tab that acts as an invaluable data capture, in return for her useful social media advice.

This form of Facebook tab can additionally request a 'Like' before revealing a link through to the download.
This form of Facebook tab can additionally request a 'Like' before revealing a link through to the download.

Creating a Call-To-Action Button for your Facebook Business Page

A super handy little feature that’s just been added for Facebook Business pages is being able to add a button that will whizz your Facebook fans right over to your website, shop or app. You Can create this directly from your page, where you’ll find a button that leads you right through a super easy Call-To-Action button creator wizard.

Facebook Business Page Tips and Tricks


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