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Malleswaram's Hot Spot - EIGHTH CROSS.

Updated on February 21, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

The all in one. ( It's Malleswara not ram )

Tradition to visit temple.

Once you are in Malleswaram you will visit this heritage temple which existed during Lord Chatrapathi Shivaji's time 350 years ago and This Shiva Linga is swayabhu ( Meaning it was not made by any Man ) was found by Lord Chatrapathi Shivaji's brother and he Venkoji built this temple on a hillock.This Kadu ( Meaning Jungle in Kannada ) of Lord Mallikarjuna of Kadu Malleswara with Shiva Linga was built on a hillock.The place hillock can be seen from the front side of the temple which is off the Sampige Road or Main Road.Inside the temple we can see the pillar with inscriptions installed by Lord.Chatrapathi Shivaji's brother Venkoji.He came to collect the taxes and while going around this place found Shiva Linga and knowing its importance built this temple which is a archeological site for students of archeology for research as there are no records found about this temple.

The Main Entrance facing East.

The Mallikarjuna Temple Bangalore is identical but smaller  and more compact. Exquisitely carved pillars of the interior  hall depict scenes from the Panchatantra, the animal fable.  The walls surround the temple complex and the  Nandi pavilion.
The Mallikarjuna Temple Bangalore is identical but smaller and more compact. Exquisitely carved pillars of the interior hall depict scenes from the Panchatantra, the animal fable. The walls surround the temple complex and the Nandi pavilion.

350 year old temple of Lord Shiva at Malleswaram.


A Mobile Shop with iPhone 5 selling.

A Shop selling only Silver Jewels.

A Cross you have to Cross.

If you Live in Malleswara or visit this place you go to 8th Cross a street that has gone a sea change in just 10 years. For all your needs in any item on your list for shopping if you are in need of a fashionable dress or a fabric you have a shop of most newly marketed item here.Kalaniketan and Kalamandir which will suffice your needs if not there are other shops Raymonds for men and Suvarna Textiles for Lady's selling pure silk sarees. You will also need to look in to be your many other needs in other smaller shops or other medium sized shops if you make a purchase in any of the items in your shopping list.There are also smaller shops and side walk shops for daily wear items.There are jewelery shops selling ready made or made to order jewelry in Gold.There is also a shop exclusively for Silver Jewelry.

This Street will be jam packed in the evenings and street wakes up like a evening in Colaba of Mumbai or old Bombay when you turn to your left or right at the corner of Eighth Street.The old Sanpige Road meets at the first intersection of Eighth Street running across the Sampige Road and you will wonder which way to go if you are a new person visiting this place for the first time.If you look to your left you will have a nice shop missed to your right at the other end of the road.You can't stop here to look both ways as people will be flowing like water on the side walk if you enter a shop it will be the one which has no item on your shopping list as it will be a Cell Phone or Coffee Powder shop.If you keep moving to words your right you will forget your shopping list as what you need would have gone to words the left side which you did not enter.

This 8th street is parallel to other streets from 1 to 18 all are called as cross roads and the SAMPIGE ( Champak Flower ) Road is a road going from Bangalore Railway Station to Mumbai / Bombay Railway Station.Malleswaram is on this road.World Famous Tata Institute built by Naval Tata now known as Indian Institute of Science is situated in Malleawaram after18th cross Road.This Sampige ( Kanada for Champak ) Road is the Main Road dividing the other extension called as Vyalikaval.The begining of Sampige Road starts at a housing complex called as Mantri Mall a old textile mill belonging to NTC a Govt Company purchased by Mantri Builders and Devolopers The growth of Malleswaram has seen a sea change after this mall was built.Malleswara is now a place where the land cost is Rs.16,000 per Sqft.

EIGHTH Street is the heart of Malleswaram and others are its artilaries.

Eat a Water Dosa ( Neer Dosa ) taste like water,after your shopping.

This Hotel most popular since 75 years Janata Hote.


Most Delicious eatable hot VADA with Chatni & Sambar.

Janata Hotel 8th Cross famous for Vada & Masala Dosa.


Same Counter since 75 years.

A view of 8th Cross.

This 75 year old Room served same quality snacks.

EIGHTH CROSS - See you daily.


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