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Man of Greed

Updated on May 13, 2012

Evil Money

 The former chairman of the NASDAQ and founder of the market-making firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. Richard Fuld Jr., the former chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers , just to name a few of them make us sick in the stomach and the recent banker Allen Stanford make us all wonder how many more out there will be discovered of their biggest fraud. Their greed finally caught up with them. Is unaccountable how many people they have cheated all these years so they able to jet set themself all over the world and live in huge estate or penthouse and have numerous fancy cars.

These so called CEO has been blinded by greed & still able to sleep soundly at night just simply amaze all of us. Do they really need so much evil money in their life that they sold their soul to the devil and have no fear of God? I wonder what is like to be living in a 3.3 acre property and knowing the truth how you get to live in such huge estate and yet have no conscious or feel remorseful about their dishonest dealings. How many people in the world have lost their hard earn savings and even their homes just so this greedy CEO could live in their ill gotten estate , have fancy cars and fat pay check etc

They could just escape the law by filing for bankruptcy protection and have their evil money hidden away or transferring their estate to their spouse name etc. What good is all these ill gotten money when your reputation is down in the drain. They may have billions or millions that could last for a few generation but what use is this money when your future offspring is not been respected. Who knows worse thing could happen that someday even with all their money , they cant use it to buy their health or happiness. I don't believe anyone could still live like nothing happen by what they have done. Somehow they never will have peace of mind and at the end of the day they are still going to be answerable to God. They probably will only realise that when their turn is up and by then is already too late to atone for their sin.

Is much more honorable to earn or make your money in an honest way and when you spend or use it , you feel proud of yourself. You do not trade your soul to the devil and you could have peace of mind everyday of your life. The value of not cheating others and stay truth and honest to yourself and others will always prevail.



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