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Management Analyst Jobs, Training, and Salary

Updated on January 30, 2012

Management analysts conduct performance studies and use other techniques to assist business or government managers in improving management effectiveness. Analysts with sufficient training can get jobs with a salary well above average.

The biggest group of employers of management analysis experts is comprised of consulting firms. Corporations hire these firms to improve their management processes. There are actually over 500,000 jobs for management analysts, according to a May 2010 study completed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Consulting firms employed over 143,000 of these analysts, and the federal government also had over 50,000 jobs for management analysts. Computer systems design firms are also big employers in this field. Insurance companies are fourth on the list, and over 31,000 analysts were classified as being part of management companies.

This is another occupation with an excellent salary potential. The May 2010 study showed that the median average income was $78,160. That means over 250,000 management analysts actually earned a salary more than $78,160. Analysts in consulting firms averaged over $98,000, but all of the top 5 employer categories averaged over $70,000.

The typical profile of a high-level management analyst is a business administration major. In particular, an MBA would be helpful in increasing the chance of good jobs and employment. While some individuals can get work with only a bachelor's degree, these tend to be lower-level positions, and it is very hard to compete for these jobs.

Classes in management consulting and related areas may also be helpful in getting work as a management analyst or consultant. Examples include accounting and human resources. For example, a master's degree in human resources management plus experience may be sufficient to get a job in management analysis and consulting.


Bureau of Labor Statistics: Jobs and Salary for Management Analysts


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