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Management Preferences

Updated on November 3, 2011

What is needed for successful management?

Effective managing is critical to the success of any business. With ineffective or inappropriate management, a solid business can experience troubles, even the potenial ruin of the business. With that in mind, you can understand that managing is a very important process that, when properly or improperly applied, can define the success of any business.

Since all people are different, each individual management style is unique to skills and capacity, therefore a management style or function can be applied successfully depending on business and management need, as well as the needs of the manager. The purpose of my hub is to briefly describe some of the possible functions of leadership and compare the functions I feel are key to managing successfully.

There are basically four functions of management. Those are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Each function is essential for the management process to be complete.

Planning includes goal setting as well as developing plans and goals. The planning function will help in creating and implementing new processes or procedures that can help in getting job done more efficiently to meet the needs of the business.

Organization is also an essential function. This function includes identifying and establishing the jobs that need to be done. This also includes delegation. Any manager needs to understand delegation and how to apply it, as well as who to delegate to. If a manager inappropriately delegates tasks, there could be many consequences that could have a negative effect on the business, including failure of processes, broken deadlines, and even possibly the failure of the business.

Another function is leading. Leading is basically is defined as influencing or motivating other people to get the job done. Ideas for motivation may come from the overall company culture, and requires conflict management and resolution skills. If a manager is unable to lead others, then chances are, that person should not be a manager.

The last function is controlling, which details standard and performance settings. This includes ensuring that employees are meeting the standards by monitoring employee performance.

While I think that all of the four main management functions are essential to company success, a few do stand out as key roles. First of all, goal setting is extremely important. One must be able to analyze and determine what they need to do to reach the level of success they desire and set plans to reach such goals. Another important aspect is having encouraging, charismatic managers to lead employees to success. A company must be compassionate to employees and have the ability to keep them happy so they encourage development within the company and create employee loyalty. I also think that it is important to have set standards in place so that each employee understands what is expected from their performance and also have a way to measure how they are doing.

There are many ways you can approach management effectively. It is important to be able to define the needs and goals of the business, how your skills and personality fit into the business, and follow all four of the functions according to the determined business need.


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