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Management ninja - A guide to a successful CHANGE

Updated on November 7, 2012

This applies to ANY kind of change really but I learned it the hard way that’s why I share this to you. It is not easy but it is definitely doable if you know what it takes.

First thing you must realize is “One man can make a difference” is bullshit. It will not work even if you are the king in a monarchy country. And yes it is still bullshit even when it is a woman instead of a man.

Think about it. What do American idol, United Nations, the senates in Capitol Hills and YouTube have in common? Yes – votes. If that slogan is right we do not need votes. We do not need democracy. The truth is the critical mass makes the difference never a group let alone a single person. A terrorist attack means nothing until enough people think it is something. But there is a happy end to this - A single person can START to make a difference. That is what it means when people talk about making changes. That is how you beat any system in the world. You start a change that the critical mass agrees.

Here is the formula for a successful change:

Necessity + Vision + Plan + Resource + Competence = Change

And it has to be complete, not a single ingredient short. Here’s why:

Without necessity

The resistance will be maximum. The crucial point would be to ask the question "necessity for whom?". Most of the time you make changes which is necessary only to you. One man is a no go remember? You must somehow convert or transfer that necessity to EVERYBODY or at least to the majority; the critical mass. Anything short will be like holding up an umbrella to a storm.

Without Vision

There will be confusion. The change you put yourself on the line for is an option, a nice-to-do kind of thing. How do you enforce such a thing? How do you measure it? If you still have not grasped what the absence of vision would do to you – it makes your performance an option. As in, it makes you expendable. Define the vision like your life is depended on it.

Without plan

Some management knights believe being spontaneous is the way to go. The only constant is change why bother planning? Lennon said planning is what you do when everything else is going on out there. Well he’s dead and the constant change is what gives birth to risk management, project management and to-do list. Even rock stars do not go up on stage without plans (he might not be the planner but somebody else ALWAYS does it) and those who do, ended up either being forgotten or made it to the hall of shame. The ability of being spontaneous is important, but never counts on it. Count on a plan.

Without resources

Enough said.

Without competence

This might seem as obvious as having no resources but it is trickier than that. Sometimes even when you have the competency you are still not out of the woods. Making changes is about building a future. Building a future means making a promise. A promise is not a result (yet). Here lies the trouble. You need people to believe in you. You can’t show yet what you can do. Perception is everything. This is where all those pointers in building reputations and networks pay off. Because once your competency is doubted, the fear spreads. Just like how a single rumor could bring down the most conservative and formidable bank, a single puff of doubt in your competency will make the whole world question the change you are trying to make. It could very quickly reduce that critical mass back to only single you.


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