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Managing a Real Sales Team "IT's The Sales People Stupid"

Updated on March 3, 2013
Are sales speeding away from you? Or are coming toward you?
Are sales speeding away from you? Or are coming toward you? | Source

It is all about sales

I have been a sales manager for many years and have always seen the same things happen over and over again. Companies are always looking for a new and better ways to make sales and thinking out of the box. But I have increased the bottom line to over 898% from the previous year and it seems to happen in every company that I go to work for. How Do I get such good results?

In order to achieve such great results is to first understand how non sales supervisors think and how sales people think. Lets talk about how the supervisors or senior managers think, They think that by offering the consumer a deal or a discount, many will come in and buy your product, some of this thinking will work but limited in it's approach. Senior managers also seem to have little to no experience in dealing directly with the consumer. This is not their fault many have never been cultured to the sales process. "I will talk about the culture of a great sales person later in another post". The consumer does not buy your product because of the what the company does for them, people hate companies. The consumer buys the product because they connected with the sales person and they like the sales person because the sales person actually cared about them and was honest and straight forward. This seems simply but it is actually hard to find great sales people it is like finding a needle in the Alantic Ocean.

A great sales manager must have the ablitity to make decisions without any recourse, negativity will be the down fall of many. Although you must have fun with what you are doing a great sales manager must run the operation like it is a business for the purpose of making money for the corporation.

Certain targets that non sales managers make, "non sales oriented people can never run or set targets for a sales team" targets may need to be adjusted, some companies count the number of pieces being sold and hold the sales people accountable for a piece count. This will always result in a low year after year sales results. It is all about the money instead reward the sales person for how much profit is made from the sale on his or her item and you will see a higher sales price and a higher profit margin. I tell it like this ,why would you sell 25 of something and work very hard and many hours to have a profit of 100.00, instead work smart and sell 1 for 100.00 in profit. Sounds simply but takes time to retrain both the non sales supervisors and the sale people.

Written by Michael H. Simmons


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    • michaelsimmons001 profile image

      Michael H. Simmons 5 years ago from Clinton/Canal Fulton Ohio

      Great insight stay tuned for my next post