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Managing teams that are geographically dispersed:

Updated on February 14, 2011

Managing teams can become a whole lot easier if a manager promotes self leadership. If the employees are empowered to be more self sufficient and self managed then the task of a manger becomes a whole lot easier. Since the manager is generally in less of a position to provide direct help being self sufficient helps employee as well as the manager in running the operations smoothly and extracting efficiency out of the employees.

If the employees feel part of a global culture of the organization, and believe to be part of an international network, it will help in managing teams easier and creating an environment where they all feel at ease and the situation becomes more conducive for higher level of productivity.

If all the above considerations are put to practice, managing teams becomes a whole lot easier. Of course a good manager would always be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things and implementing them into a process beneficial for the company as well as the individuals.

Though some would think that managing teams is tougher when everyone is not on the same location, in quite a few cases, by using the available technology tools, some organizations claim to have exceeded their productivity by remotely managing teams by use of software, then what they used to have at one physical location. Technology industry has especially benefitted from such setup for managing teams where employees can communicate online by use of different voice, data, chat and email software.

Since the technology industry is driven by internet and software, employees of such organization have quicker and better understanding of how to use the software to their benefit and hence they have more of a chance in succeeding in such setup. Employees are claimed to have higher work - personal life flexibility, higher flexibility and overall satisfaction by use of such software. When managing teams that do not work at one geographical location the employees claim to have at least the same level of communication and collaboration as being on the same physical location if not better.

Even with this compelling argument, there are steps that managers can take to increase the productivity even more and make them more efficient by motivating, emphasizing on teamwork skills, promoting self leadership and fostering a global culture of managing teams.

Teamwork is of utmost importance when it comes to managing geographically dispersed teams. A manager needs to ensure that, everyone understands and commits to the importance of team work. Because having exceptional individuals who are not good team players can be counterproductive to the team goals. Managers job should be to not only have the tools in place that promote team work but also for individuals to understand the value of being in a team and helping each other in order to achieve same unified goal. Creating synergy is a tough ask when a manager does not have all his resources together, but by conducting voice and chat meetings where data and documents can be shared, make it easier to motivate employees.

Managing Teams is a key part of an organizations success. When teams are handicapped by not being on a physical location, a good manager would turn that into a strength by using technology tools that help achieve most effective means of reaching goals.

Managing teams effectively has always been the trickiest part in any organization. Managers are paid high amounts of money to make sure to keep employees focused on their goals and objective so that they can be efficient in managing teams and stay motivated.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to manage employees in a same physical location under one roof, today’s changing work environment has posed another challenge for the managers with decentralized and geographically dispersed teams. Regardless of their location, teams need to be managed in order for the individuals to stay focused at work and provide maximum output.

Though it has become tough not being able to have face to face conversations where employees are easier to motivate and stay focused, there are many tools available that help managing teams easier than it sounds.

What's your take on Managing teams that are Geographically dispersed ?

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