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Managment Secret

Updated on July 27, 2016

what you don't Want to do

being in a decision taking position is not easy, nor something that has a righ or a wrong action, but the fact is that every day you are already making a million decisions, whether where to eat or when to go to the bathroom, or when you have a coffee, or to spare time having fun or the ultimate choice which every one tends to avoid is actually working toward your goals.

your goals could be financial ones, while others could be sentimental or psychological like love marriage, or kids. however, the most effective choices are the ones that you need/ NOT want, but need, because a very good scenario is the one that actually is dominating the world, which is choosing a career based on what you like / want without knowing what it is first hand. and then after its all said and done, keeping up with it, only for the sake of survival.

so, if you don't do one thing, and one thing only, you should not do something that is NOT NEEDED by your or your society.

Where Management Starts & does it End ?!

Management starts from the day you gain conscience as a kid, where you start by managing your sleep, play, homework...etc.

through out life, you are managing what you are doing, whether its school, playing video games or physical sports games, or having extracurricular activities in science or knowledge gaining activities, all these will not be used if Not Planned / managed to be done properly for the right goals that you decide on.

generally speaking, the first decision is the most important decision, is what you want to do vs. what do you/people need. you answer this, and work your way in it. but this is not the question that is the management secret, however, its a question that you start your life with.

WOLF or a DOG ?

what is the Managment Secret

Management secret is something that people tend to not see most of the time, let me give an example, when you are driving in the street and you you see someone on the side with a problem that is not clear, do you stop and check out / try to help ? most of the people will say, yes. but when it actually happens to you, what did you do ? let me say some of the actions, some people would drive away on the assumption that this person may not be in trouble, may just be a hustler, some people may call for help instead of stopping / report to authorities to help, some people may stop and help without thinking, the question is which one are you ?

just the other day, i have seen a video about a guy, who sells gold in a gold shop, and a woman along with here kids, came in trying to sell her bracelet because she did not get paid this month, and she needs some money for the kids, what did this guy, do, did he buy it with a handsome price ? did he refuse to buy the bracelet, No he gave her some money out of his pocket.

most of the people, when you give them a situation, and ask for answer, they will answer, but when they are really in the situation, the FACT is they do not know what they'll do or how they'll respond.

the Decision that is needed to be made every time is something that you will stick by it, and naturally think its correct. in other words, don't do what you want, do what you need, and do what you would like other people to do to you if you were in the same situation.

Now, if there is interest and comments, we'll continue with a second hub to reveal the Managment Secret if Not already seen by Now.

Management Secret Question

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