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Manipulative Employees

Updated on October 9, 2012

Work can either be fun or just a place you don't want to go to on a daily basis. Sometimes the people we work with can either be our friends or even the most difficult to work with. Then there are employees that know how to manipulate the one in charge to see it their way and to make it seem like they had nothing to do with situations that happen at work. This is probably something that happens in most work places.

Have you ever gone to work and there is always that one employee that doesn't like to work? They like to just slack off and let all the others do the work. Then when the supervisor in charge tells that one employee to work, he or she gets mad. Last I knew, we get paid to work and we all have duties or tasks to do during the day, do you get paid to just sit around in front of a computer for eight hours a day? Unless you are working from home, that is a whole different situation. What can also be frustrating is that we all see what is happening, yet the main ones who need to see what is happening is either not there or just doesn't pay attention.

Then when that one employee is asked to go into an office to talk to the main manager in charge, they find a way to manipulate that one employer to making them see only their side. They also manage to include other employees in their complaint. One thing turns to another as the situation gets worse. It is unbelievable how easily employers will find a way to believe that one employee that slacks off. This can sometimes make you think, is that one employee favored among the main manager?

I know that this probably doesn't happen in all the places but in some work places they do and sometimes there is really only one thing to do. That one thing to do is just to bite your tongue and not say anything. It can be hard to do sometimes unless one is brave enough to mention it. Sometimes this type of situation can make it a very hostile situation at work because you never know what the other employees are thinking after everything has happened. But with all said, this can be considered a type of test to see how we can deal with what happens at work whether it is a good outcome or even a bad outcome.


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