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Many multinational companies are setting up their telemarketing centers in India

Updated on May 2, 2015

The Process of sale in telemarket

The Shopping

The Process of sale in telemarketing

The telemarketing means contact a person on the telephone and persuading him to buy a product which he wont. There is no use of literature, catalogues In telemarketing.

Process of sale in telemarketing

The firms selling products employ their own sales persons and give them intensive training. In training sales persons get complete knowledge about the products and the terms conditions of sale.

After the company finalises its target market – for example target market for a medicine company are chemist shops, Hospitals, Nursing Homes etc.

Then company takes the number of different people belonging to target market from the local directory.

The sales persons employed contact the customer on telephone. They are trained in the art of conversation also.

In telephone conversation the sales person tries to convince the customer and pursue him to place the order.

Payments is made through credit card or electronic fund transfer.

Telemarketing is suitable for the products which can be bought without seeing the products - such as magazine subscriptions, club membership, selling credit cards, reservation of railway and air tickets etc.

Telemarketing is becoming popular with the name of call centers. Many multinational companies are setting up their telemarketing centers in India.

Advantages of telemarketing

Shopping of Convenience - The customer which he wants can buy goods and services sitting at home by free.

Saves lot of time- Purchases are made quickly on phone.

Immediate result- The sales person can get immediately the response of customer.

Drawbacks of telemarketing

Some calls come at odd hours and customer gets disturbed and agitated. The success or failure depends entirely on the conversation ability of the sales person.

High cost for companies because they have to employ the people round the clock for making calls.


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