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What I have Learned from Mark Cuban (For Your Business and Your Life.

Updated on June 15, 2015

We all know that Mark Cuban is the man- I mean, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. While he may look like your average guy in his early 30’s or so, he’s much more. He’s got common sense, that can be hard to come by these days, and he knows business. Just by watching the ever-popular Shark Tank, you can learn a lot. While I have learned from the other “sharks” (Barbra, Lori, Kevin, Robert, Daymond, etc.), Mark is my favorite and rightfully so. He is just cool. He’s in the sports world. The things he says are in tune with my 20-year-old thoughts, and if they aren’t already in my thoughts, I say, “huh? Well DUH, Gosh Mark is awesome.” Okay, that may be an exaggeration. BUT, It’s that, “Well, why didn’t I think of that shit before?” and that’s pretty much why I have the motivation to write this article. Over all, he seems like a good, down to earth person who has made a lot of great choices and wants to help others do the same thing. Now, I don’t know him from Adam, so, this could be a pile of horseshit. Let’s face it, publicist know how to do their jobs. Of course, I believe in my heart that he is heaven in a jar- I mean, a great guy. So let’s get to the point already.

1. DON’T try to be a scam artist.

It seems to me that there is nothing more that Mr. Cuban hates than a scam (besides being called Cubes) and he will call you out on your trash product/brand in a heartbeat. He’s not afraid to “cloud the waters” for you in and outside the tank as Ryan Naylor would say. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Here’s the video of someone calling him Cubes, just for laughs! Sorry, Cubes, had to share.

Well, there you have it. Don’t be a fraud and make false claims. And, definitely, don’t even think of the word Cubes again. Although, it could have been worse, the man could have “tripped over his words” and called him “Pubes”.

2. Be an entrepreneur, not a WANTepreneur.

Do what it takes to make your business work, never give up! Be a door-to-door salesman if you have to! Have passion! Passion is not the WHOLE package though, so beware. Remember that thing I said not many people have? Common sense? Yeah, you’re going to need that, too.

This man and his passion for his belts:

While I could not remember the name of his brand, I remembered his ambition to sell! That’s what stuck with me, obviously it stuck with others too, because it took me about 2.5 seconds to find the brand and the main man making it happen. While Mark did not invest in Nate Holzapfel, he was impressed. (Don’t worry guys, he didn’t go home empty handed! Daymond got this investment.)

Basically, market your shit! Which leads me to the next point!

3. get ONLINE!

There is a WHOLE WORLD online. Literally. A world of people you will never reach in your city without the Internet. Creating an online website for your business will do wonders if you do it the right way. People have found ways to ship ICE CREAM and it is still good when it gets across the country. Therefore, there are no excuses for you! Sorry about it! Don’t be a WANTepreneur and find a way to ship that product!

4. We all have hard times.

Not everything is perfect on the first try. Suck it up, and get back out there. Failure only happens when you allow yourself to fail by giving up. This shows what? You guessed it, Passion. Something an entrepreneur needs to have.

5. Shut Up and LISTEN

I am so serious. NOBODY wants an annoying business partner. Just, shut up and listen. Yes, I just pulled out princess diaries for ya ass. (If you don’t know Princess Diaries, what is wrong with you? Get with it.) If you are asked a “yes” or “no” question, answer with a yes or no. Stop avoiding the answer, because it’s all going to come out anyways. They tend to “drag it out” if you don’t comply, then you have a 87% chance of being called a cockroach. The amount of “mon-neeey” I would pay to never hear Kevin O’Leary say ‘cockroach’ again, it’s not much, but I would be willing try- we all know how he loves the green.


We all have them, unless you’re a freak. Kevin O’Leary, will surprise everyone on occasion. For instance, he and Lori gave a woman an investment after she told them that she and her daughter had been sleeping in a truck due to being homeless. While this seems to be more of a pity investment in those words, they truly loved her gumbo. Mark seems to have a soft spot for his kids, go figure. His son has eczema; this led him to investing in a company “Simple Sugars” run by a girl who had been making all natural face and body scrubs since she was young. Simple Sugars turned out to be a great natural remedy for eczema.


Now that I’ve made myself a groupie-stalker of some sort, I am done. There are many things that Mark and all the other sharks say are very smart. If you want to start your own business, I recommend watching a few episodes. Many people that go on the show don’t think of every avenue and you can see their wheels turning when a shark says something that has never occurred to them. Don’t be that person! THINK OF EVERYTHING!

P.S. everyone, please, stop giving Mark everything blue, I am sure he likes other colors, too. #DrivesMeCrazy



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