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Market Research Paid Surveys

Updated on May 16, 2018
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Hi, I’m Cacey. I’m a small business owner living in San Diego, California. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, acting, and writing.

Financial Research Planning

How Market Research Paid Surveys Saves Money For Businesses

Market research paid surveys continues to save businesses money year after with there distribution of various surveys to people around the world. The surveys help companies gain an edge over the competition by identifying trends that would not normally be identified without the help of marketing research companies who specialize on this.

History Of Market Research

Market research is a billion dollar industry. They have been in business for over 60 years and continue to produce outstanding result year after year. In 2015, McDonalds experienced declining sales. They conducted a marketing research campaign that identified people were unhappy with their menu. They revamped their menu offering much healthier choices and sales recovered.

The invention of the internet changed the business forever in the 90’s. During the old days they would send out surveys through the mail or conduct phone surveys. When the internet came into play, the industry was allowed to send surveys into email accounts.

This was a low-cost method that allowed businesses and marketing research companies to save even more money.

Working From Home Dream

Creation Of More Work From Home Professions

The internet invention created new market research businesses and created a new work from home market. Thousands of people work from home on the internet doing market research paid surveys.

By joining several of the marketing research companies, people who work from home have more access to an assortment of paid surveys on multiple topics.

Payments range from just a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Each company has there own set of payment structures but for the most part they run similar in regards to how they qualify you for some of their more high paying offers.

Earning Extra Income Online

Even if you don’t work on them full-time you can still earn money in your spare time. Another option is treating online paid market research surveys as a part-time job. Just by spending a few hours a day or more, people are able to pay bills, save for larger purchases, get out of debt or whatever else they choose to use the money for. The bottom line is getting paid for surveys is a very easy job.

Making Money Online With Paid Surveys

Why Filling Out Your Profile Is Important

When you begin with a company you may be offered a sign on bonus. You will have to supply your email, name, and maybe address if they send checks. Additionally they will have more profile questions in regards to your household, appliances, employment, income range, buying habits, electronics, television watching habits, and more. This opens the door for more income.

Each marketing research company is different in regards to how they offer their respective profile questions. Sometimes they can last a minute all the way to 20 minutes or more. What this does however is set up your profile for more high targeted surveys.

Companies will have a certain demographic range when seeking out prospective clients to offer surveys for their members. Company A may ask a market research company to offer surveys to people who are Hispanic, between the ages of 25-30, female, likes to cook, makes 25,000 - 35,000 per year, has one kid, single, etc. If your profile does not match any of these then you will not qualify for the survey Company A offered.

Company B will offer another survey for the same marketing research company that you do qualify for because it matched your profile. However if you did not have your extended profile set up you would have never been able to see the offer. The offer may be for $5.00 and only have a time limit of 30 minutes.

Market Research Security Precautions

The surveys you do get qualified for has security precautions set up for people who either go through them too fast or are dishonest. Companies will sometimes have an algorithm that you can see, such as a quality score, that ranks your survey taking. For the most part they have these “quality scores” running in the background. This will either disqualify you from future offers or qualify you for even more lucrative offers.

Other Ways To Earn Income With Paid Research Surveys

Additionally, besides market research paid surveys, marketing companies offer people to download software on the computer to monitor how they shop and browse the web. You basically open up a small window on your computer to allow access for them to peak inside and monitor, not control, your internet habits. This does not harm your computer at all. You also receive additional income either instantly and/or monthly for allowing them to do this. Just beware of scams masquerading as legitimate paid surveys sites.

How Your Answers To Surveys Help Companies

The results of the surveys that people take online or through the mail help companies in many ways. As in the case with McDonalds, they revamped a good chunk of the menu in 2015. Besides revamping menus, companies may create advertising campaigns, change a product, take products and services off the shelf, spy on the competition, learn more about their own product, and much more based solely on paid marketing research campaigns.


If you like sharing your opinion then getting paid for surveys can be a fun job. So many people enjoy doing political surveys, food surveys, and more for free. They may share their voice on articles and blogs online and now they get to earn income for something they are doing for free anyway. Market research businesses love and seek out these types of people because their feedback will be honest, heartfelt, and will help deliver the results they would need.

If you are consistent taking these types of market research paid surveys online then your payments and offers will increase as well. The quality score as mentioned previously will increase the trust between you and the company and when businesses offer high paying surveys, the market research companies will seek out their highest quality scored members to give their clients the best results.


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