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Market Samurai: Best SEO Tool for Rank Tracking and Keywords Research

Updated on May 1, 2012

What is Market Samurai?

In my opinion, Market Samurai is the best SEO tool for keywords research and rank tracking there is out there. It has several modules:

  • keywords research module
  • rank tracking
  • SEO competition module
  • domains module - helps you find aged domains, too!
  • monetization module - helps you find cool ways to monetize your website
  • find content module - useful when you are doing research for article writing or some other type of content creation
  • publish content module - pretty convenient because you don't need to open word docs or Google docs; even the publishing platform is built-in to the program
  • promotion module - helps you find relevant sites for link building
  • there used to be an Adwords module - it was being developed and now, there is no such module so i have no idea what happened there. However, if you have Google Adwords account, it helps you ton to interlink it with your copy of Market Samurai - generate more keywords when doing research, more accurate data, etc.

Market Samurai - SEO competition module screen
Market Samurai - SEO competition module screen

Market Samurai was the single tool which helped me immensely to start a successful freelance career.

I too as many wanna-be freelancers had the problem of finding my niche and my place on the freelance market. I am a marketing specialist but with my knowledge and skills I wouldn't have gotten far because there were many other marketing specialists out there with proven track-record in websites like oDesk and there was no way I could get picked up out of that pool of freelancers. So, I started looking around to find a niche with high demand where the freelancers offered no or low-quality services. And SEO was just that! There were plenty of people who claim to do quality keywords research, rank tracking, link building, social media marketing, etc. - but for a marketing professional, it was easy to spot the crap.

So I tested Market Samurai - they have a trial period, too - and I simply fell in love with it! Not only the program was very intuitive and easy to work with; they had plenty of video tutorials on their website and an average person with some marketing knowledge and common sense could easily start doing great and quality work on search engine optimization, keywords research, and more. Simply put - Market Samurai made my job easy, increased the quality of my services and last but not least, increased my work efficiency.

Market Samurai - Rank Tracking Module screen
Market Samurai - Rank Tracking Module screen

I strongly recommend Market Samurai for SEO professionals and website owners because

it covers all activities which you might need to do when building a successful and money-making website - choose a domain, research keywords, promote the website, track its rank, analyze statistical data about number of incoming links, anchor texts, page rank of different pages; it will even help you in competitors' links analysis.

The software is so easy to use that you will start using it right away - just watch the tutorials and practice what they show. Of course, marketing knowledge and logic is needed to some extent. But everyone who intends to optimize a website must try this software. And by the way - it is good for keywords research for non-English languages, too ;) There is a free trial period so if you don't like it, there's no pressure to buy it!

I will not list all the benefits and the value of the program - the guys from the company have done that pretty well on their landing pages. However, I will tell you that the price of the product is one-time payment of $149 and I promise you that if you are serious about being a SEO professional and will do keywords research and/or rank tracking on regular basis for your clients, the software will pay out its own price in no time! Besides, all the updates and new features of the program will be given to you for free once you become a paid user with full license.

Remember that Market Samurai is just a tool - it is still you in the driver seat!

In this article, I share my personal experience and opinion about Market Samurai. Do not think that if you purchase the software, the job offers and the money will start falling off the sky - they won't! You will be the one who will have to find SEO contracts, to analyze the data and to do strategic planning how to improve the rankings of a site. The success depends on your thinking - on the conclusions you draw and the steps you take. Market Samurai is a great tool for website optimization for search engines and will help you whether you are a SEO professional or a website owner. Start the trial period now.

I also urge you to make up your mind quickly and to purchase the full version of the program before the end of April because some changes in payment plans are being made currently. Check out the blog post on the company website on the topic: Rank Tracker Update – Free Plans & Pricing Revealed.

If you have used Market Samurai, add your rating here:

4 out of 5 stars from 5 ratings of Market Samurai

All comments about this hub or Market Samurai itself will be highly appreciated! :)

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    • profile image

      Diana 5 years ago

      This is a great software if you are doing SEO for a living. However, there is no direct link to from where one can buy it so i decided to put one myself - hope you don't mind... Free trial - sign up here: and if you have already made up your mind (which you should have done by now!), see the benefits and buy the full version here: Cheers!

    • Brilqntin profile image

      Diana 5 years ago

      thanks for your comment, amithak50! i have neither heard nor used this Niche finder. Browsed their site briefly but not sure what constitutes their price plans of hundreds of dollars per year - does it do anything else beside keywords research? what are its strengths and how it is different than say google keyword tool?

      This is exactly the reason why I am in love with MS - it is a complete kit, a solution for everything you need when working on a website - from KW research and domain research, through content research and monetization opportunities, to regular rank tracking, links analysis, etc. :)

    • amithak50 profile image

      amithak50 5 years ago from India

      Market samurai is a great tool and it has all the features to do great keyword research .Well,I use Niche finder by Brad callen too,It is great tool also to do SEO.Thanks for the awesome review Brilqntin

    • Brilqntin profile image

      Diana 5 years ago

      thanks for the comment, redpointhq! I am glad to hear my hub was useful and helped you make a decision - i wish you great moments and lots of money earned with MS help ;)

    • Brilqntin profile image

      Diana 5 years ago

      thanks for the comment, aidenmoor! YES - this is perfectly said: enables you to test the water before you go in deep, thanks for the addition, didn't really include this in my review but it IS true ;)

    • Brilqntin profile image

      Diana 5 years ago

      thanks for the comment, moneytoplist! yes, they might do a great job but i think MS takes it at least one step further - 2 things i really want to point out are 1) google kw tool does NOT take into account the level of SEO competition, just the quantity (and MS does both); 2) google tool has very poor interface in my point of view and doesn't really take into account factors like DMOZ and Yahoo directory inclusion, domain age, number of backlinks, etc. when "recommending" KW to optimize for - MS does all those of things and present it in a very comprehensive and easy to follow and process way :)

    • Brilqntin profile image

      Diana 5 years ago

      thanks for the comment! just to add - that MS saves tons of time - generates SEOC "graphics" as you called it for 1 KW for seconds ;)

    • redpointhq profile image

      redpointhq 5 years ago from Tucson, AZ

      Thanks for the information. I was thinking about giving it a try and you've convinced me to look it over.

    • aidenmoor profile image

      aidenmoor 5 years ago

      I too agree that market Samurai is something that every SEO should go for. It helps you taste the water prior to getting into it.

      Thanks for the informative piece of article!

    • moneytoplist profile image

      moneytoplist 5 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. I have used only Google suggestion tool and keyword tool in the AdWords account so far. However, these tools work great if you know how to use them effectively.

    • avan989 profile image

      avan989 5 years ago from maryland

      yes, marketing samurai is great. try the 40 day free trial. The best thing for me so far is the competition analysis, it shows how hard you will have to work to get to the front pages. Although you can do the research yourself, marketing samurai show you easy to follow graphics that let you recognizes easy to rank keywords or phrase.