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Domain Market Watch: Seattle Tattoo Artists

Updated on April 26, 2011

Seattle Tattoo Artist

As a Seattle native who has tattoos, loves getting new tattoos and who knows about the tendencies of other seattle native tattoo loving people, I can tell you that this one seemed obvious to me, that domains with "Seattle Tattoo" in them would be regularly popular, and should see a jump in the search cloud at the end of the summer every year.

To encourage my ego, Google Trends agrees with me. Beginning in 2007, the seattle tattoo market has continued to see strong peaks in just about every august. Because of this surge in interest for getting tattoos in the summers of Seattle, the search for "Seattle Tattoo Artists" gets a big bump. Seattle is one of the top internet using cities in America, and when you couple that with our liberal love for body art, you get a predictable domain market.

So when you are deciding which domain name to invest in, or what sort of website/business you would like to start, you might consider selecting a domain name with "Seattle Tattoo Artists" in it. They would be a great resell and a great domain for gathering consistent traffic.


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