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Marketing a Cluttered World: Turn Down the Clutter

Updated on May 17, 2013

Turn Down the Clutter

You may ask me what do I mean about turning down the clutter? Well there are some commercials I have seen lately and over the years that either loses the message, or they are not catchy enough and turn into cluttery commercials. Turning down the clutter means to balance both of those concepts so it doesn't become trash but a treasure. Be creative and stand out. There can be too much going on in a commercial that the message or your product gets lost. That's a major no no. Let's see how we can turn down that clutter.

I like movie trailers and most people do. It never loses the message and it is made to impulse you to go see the movie. However, with about two hours of film to use, it might be easier to put a trailer together then a small business trying to start from scratch.


Getting Old

One thing that could be the problem is that they think their message has become "old" to us. However, some companies still use their same jingle from the 1920s. So if it is old maybe it wasn't that good in the first place(ouch). Before you change it ask yourself - is it catchy? If an old machine is still working and it just needs a tune up you do not replace it, you tune it up. The best jingles and messages only get better with time. That is the joy about marketing you can use and re-use a strong message and it never gets old. The only thing is it has to be "catchy". It has to be "snappy". It has to be something that sticks with you and holds on. How many jingles can you hum right off the top of your head? Why is that? Is it because they have been repeated over the years or are they just catchy enough you picked it up? It is critical to think critically in today's world.

Repition does not mean a good thing. There are a couple that I wanted to change the channel from a commercial that was everywhere and I hated it. If it is repeated then let people enjoy it not get annoyed by it. Sure there are some cheesy commercials that grow on you but then again is that really what you are going for? Let's set the bar higher and go for it.


The Message

The message is the other side. The words in the jingle. Are they strong enough? Some like to just change them and go to something newer. I say, "Hold off and step back for a moment." Stick with what has been working. Don't re-invent one of the "wheels of marketing". Let's keep your company moving by addressing something else - The Strength of the Message. You can update it or try to make it "shiny" but don't completely change it. If it gets lost well you just lost more money and possibly more customers. My tip - Make sure the main message rings throughout your commercial.

First off think what is your business? You may have to stick with a serious and strong message if you are in the banking or financial industry. If you are in the food industry you can appeal to something more tempting and fun. Think about it - one of the biggest food chains in the world has the smallest tag line. It is simple, fun, tempting and it is catchy. Why can't you do the same for your business?


Business is Hard Work

It is not going to be easy. You have others that are doing the same thing. Some are being successful and others just gain new customers by putting a cute animal on television. But hey this is business and business is not easy.

So you are thinking to yourself how can I get the best of both worlds? - Strong Message and Catchy Commercial. Well the best way to solve that is brainstorm everytime. The only problem with every ad these questions still have to be answered because they are not always asked. I would suggest to keep those two goals posted on your wall. Put it in your agenda for each commercial you brainstorm on. It is so hard to keep simple concepts like these in marketing but if you do they will pay off like bread and butter.


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