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Marketing Feelings

Updated on November 24, 2012

I was sitting outside today waiting for my wife. I was taking in the moment when a Mercedes Benz drove up and parked near to me. See the picture below. Now, on first glance at this car, it looked to be quite ordinary. Just a plain silver car. Nothing fancy at all, wouldn't you agree?

The guy who stepped out of the car was the total opposite. He got out of the car and strutted into the butcher shop like he was a king. He was not dressed at all fancy, but you would have sworn that he was dressed like he was getting married that day! Why? He was having an experience. The experience of rockin up in a Mercedes and everybody (so he thinks) watching him emerge from this immaculate, beautiful, expensive, elegant motor car!

He then got to do it all over again when he exited the shop and climbed back into his experience. Driving off into the wind while everyone ohhed and ahhad at his lifestyle.


This car hasn't been washed in months and it was just a plain silver mess! But, by standards in Australia, this car cost over $50,000! It looks like nothing more than a Toyota Camry with a different emblem on it.

Marketing lesson here : why did this guy buy this car?

Because it has an impressive safety record?
Dual driver side airbags?
ABS brakes?
Retracting side mirrors?


He bought a feeling! A feeling of


He is the envy of all of his friends! He can rock up to his 30th class reunion and WOW the crowd!

What kind of feeling do your customers have when they buy your product?

Do you know?

Does your marketing reflect that feeling?

Can you effectively transfer that feeling to your prospects?

Here is another example that actually uses the word "feeling" in it.

"Oh what a feeling, Toyota!" I remember that from their older ads!

Take time to find out how your customers feel after they have or have used your product or service. Then translate that to all of your marketing.

Sell the feeling!

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