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Marketing Lessons Learned At A Local Ihop

Updated on September 7, 2011

On Labor Day we found ourselves at the local Ihop here in Athens, GA. The place was full, probably because the weekend had brought the first Georgia Bulldog football game....which had gone very badly, unfortunately.

Anyway we sat down and the waitress brought menus, took drink orders....and then the problems began. To begin with, the waitress came back and said she had to make the tea we wanted....but no problem, we had plenty to talk about and time on our hands. But, then she was gone for a long time, so we started wondering about what might be going on.

After chatting awhile, looking at email on our phones and even searching for movies to go to later in the day....we realized something really might be wrong in this Ihop...and started to get impatient.

I am pretty easy going, but my friend Bobbie probably does not fall into that category. She was getting pretty irritated as most people would who was waiting for a simple two egg, bacon and toast breakfast would after 45 minutes. She decided to call the restaurant and complain, even though we were sitting in said restaurant. I have learned to stay out of the way.

An hour later, as we were sitting there, I had an ah-ha moment about some basic things you should NEVER forget if you own or run a service business. It had taken an Ihop waitress to make me remember these tenets.

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    • Tracy Robinson profile image

      Tracy Robinson 6 years ago from Mauk, Georgia

      Marked this one useful. Hate waiting long periods of time, at fast food resturaunts.

      P.S. Sorry about the game.