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Marketing - Online Readers Attention Span

Updated on February 13, 2012
Marketing - Online readers attention span
Marketing - Online readers attention span

My Focus on this Article is to bring awareness to indivuals attention span.

I want to give you some Tips and Information on how long you can keep one's attention on your article and what steps you can take to make your internet experience better.

Thank you!


Attention Span of children Ages 2-12

Considering in these days and times, everything is in the Fast food, buying online, get it quick industry. Our attention spans are quite short considering.

  • Two working parent families
  • Single parents: at an alltime high considering divorce rates in the US.
  • Economy
  • Price Inflation of today.

Research indicates that childrens attention span is at an all time low.

  • Ages 2-3:
  • Attention span 3-4 minutes longer when he enjoys
  • Ages 4-5:
  • Attention span of between 5-10 minutes
  • Ages 6-8:
  • Attention span of 15-20 minutes
  • Ages 9-12:
  • Attention span of 30-45 minutes

Group Ages 12-20

Age Group between 12 and 20 years old has a a shorter attention span. This age group dislikes being bored and consistently are seeking entertainment. Many studies indicate that and suggest, that most adolescents is roughly about 11 minutes roughly in between commercials in a typical television show.

  • Teenagers are constantly on the go,
  • from Computers in school
  • Xbox's Play stations,
  • video games,
  • I pods
  • mp3 players
  • cell-phones,
  • laptop's, computers

basically Living in the Virtual world.

When I was growing up, Tv was just introduced and the Artari, Ha! Our entertainment was more of a family oriented socializing, spending weekends in the park, family time at supper..

How different things are now in today's society.

Isn't it interesting that in today's Society, everything is Virtual?

Hypoglycemia Reduces Attention Span

Hypoglycemia research has prevent to reduce one's attention span.

Marketing - Attention Span
Marketing - Attention Span

Amusing ourselves to death!!

Modern Society:

Some authors believe that the attention span of humans is decreasing as modern technology is increasing.

Internet browsing (browsing from one page to another): most users spend less than one minute on the average website.

What is Attention Span?

Attention span:is the amount of time a person can concentrate on a task without becoming distracted or bored.

Focused attention: is a short term response to something that attracts one's attention. The attention span is very brief, a focused response, that may be as short as 8 seconds. For Example: a Cell phone ringing or a knock on the front door, it will gains one's attention for a minimum amount of time and then they will begin another task or start doing something else.

Sustained attention: is the level of attention that produces the consistent results on a task over time. For Example: if you were holding some delicate that might break and had to carry it into another part of the house, your attention is focused on this object until the task is completed, if you could not focus you may drop the item or start doing another task instead.

Hence why there are ADD or ADHD disorders. Attention deficit disorder or Attention hyperactivity deficit disorder.

Marketing - Online readers attention span
Marketing - Online readers attention span

Web Browsing Cutting Attention Span

Tabbed browsing occurs 85% during internet use.

  • users switching tabs
  • using multible windows
  • 5-10 views per tab is common
  • tabs lead to multi-tasking
  • web search is becoming more popular

This effects the time spent on pages or websites. Visitors intent and course of action can often be deterred or distracted.

How to Keep a Reader's Attention Span?

What should I do?

Design pages that are easy to understand even for a child, try to get your content accross to the user as soon as possible being direct and to the point. Dont expect users to spend more than 10 seconds on your site. Check your sites analytics,and do some research.

Tips and suggestions:

  • Use Sub Heads
  • Start with short sentences
  • Use paragraphs and plenty of white space
  • Make your content readable
  • Use Bulleted Lists
  • use numbered lists
  • use great images (think about how it makes you feel) as your reader will feel that most likely.
  • relate to your intended audience
  • make your information easy to read and understand


I hope I have kept your attention span ha! and that you enjoyed my article on the Attention Span for marketing online. I hope that I have helped you in some way to achieve all your goals on the internet marketing of today. Please visit my other articles on reviews on products, recipes, home remedies and more!!

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