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Marketing Secrets with Door Hangers

Updated on October 19, 2016

With cutting edge competition in the market, it is fairly difficult to reach your target audiences effectively and get yourself recognized. In order to stay a step ahead, one has to explore the unconventional modes of marketing. Many underused and ignored tools like door hangers can help grab the attention of such audiences as have grown indifferent to several conventional media. Here are five secrets to door hanger marketing.

Small and Large Business Advertising Tool

Business people employ many tricks and tactics to market their products and services in a highly competitive environment. Where several different tools – mostly fairly expensive – together constitute the advertising arsenal of large and small businesses, a low costing yet effective tool that often remains forgotten is door hangers. When other mainstream media are saturated with the invasion of advertisers from across the world, promoting business with door hangers can have its own perks.


Have a Noticeable Effect

Firstly, door hangers are the only marketing tool that greets your potential customers like a welcome note as soon as they reach home. As compared to direct mail marketing approach, customized door hangers are far more likely to be noticed by the target person. No doubt, most people are accustomed to checking their mail boxes immediately on reaching home. But it is commonly observed that most mails intended for advertising are pushed aside and dumped into garbage as junk. On the contrary, door hangers are much likely to be looked at when the person unlocks the door and turns the knob.

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Do Not Remove Unless Necessary

Secondly, door hangers are among the very few marketing tools that precisely reach the target audience and are not removed unless noticed. Unlike hoardings, banners and billboards that are installed in public places to be viewed by masses, door hangers are more targeted and assure a personal contact with the target audience. Furthermore, door hanger, once hanged, stays in place unless the person consciously removes it from his door knob. It maximizes the chances of the said tool being noticed. After all, one is least likely to remove a door hanger without even having cursory glance over it.

Available Sizes:
Printing Shape:
3.5" x 8.5"
10 pt. Cardstock
5.25" x 8.5"
12 pt. Cardstock
4" x 11"
Custom Die-cut

Easily Customizable

Thirdly, door hangers are easy to be customized according one’s taste and requirement. Though this option is there with several other printed forms such as printing brochures, posters or special event banners, one can afford to be more experimental with small and handy tools like door hangers. You can decide the colors, themes, fonts and layout before printing. Furthermore, you can also design different templates for different target audiences depending upon your demographics research data. The shapes and sizes are also customizable.

High Effective Movable Product

Fourthly, door hangers are very easy on your pocket. Budgetary constraints are always there in business matters. No matter how flexible one’s advertising budget in business development is, one cannot afford to spend recklessly on a single campaign. The need for cost effective advertising tools gets more evident in case of small businesses. Door hangers provide a very cost efficient marketing solution to businesses as compared to many other tools whilst yielding equally good, or in some cases, even better results.

Let People Come To You

Finally, door hangers comprise such marketing tools as place the advertiser in an active position of selecting and reaching the target audience instead of waiting the audience to reach them. All successful marketing campaigns are preceded with a well conducted research on audiences’ demographics and psychographics. Once the research data is carefully compiled, door hangers can be easily distributed within the desired area.

Choose Designs Wisely

Like all marketing tools, door hangers need to be carefully designed, keeping in mind the target audiences. Precision and concision is the key to designing effective door hangers. Most people just look at the door hangers while removing them from their knobs. Message has to be crisp enough to make an impression in that short while. Always include a call for action in your message so that your target audience can be successfully steered in your desired direction. A must include thing on all marketing collateral is contact information. In case your concise message manages to grab the interest of a potential customer, he needs to know where to seek further information.


Printing matters as much as designing when it comes to marketing. You certainly don’t want amateur printers play havoc to your campaign. Let skilled professional and well equipped printing companies take your campaign to the next level.


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      Each hanger is made with a fine attention to detail with expert craftsmanship.