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Marketing Strategy in Climbing Business Triumph

Updated on December 24, 2012

Since the ancient period of human development, needs of various things have been being perceived in the living boundary of human life. In this human life developing process some people have taken the responsibility to produce things needed in society by using resources that are called products and on the other hand some people have felt needs of those products to satisfy them for living properly. This system basically has given birth to the business ideas. Thus the society has been divided into producers and consumers. The idea of marketing started to run from the product’s introducing desire of products to the consumers. Marketing is like the suspension bridge between the producers and consumers. Through this bridge productions are to be introduced in the business market where a set of buyers wait to buy in accordance with their demands.

In real sense marketing is the co-ordination of the consumers’ expectations and needs of products and services and the supply of products in the market related to their desires. In the field of marketing, hunting new customer’s desire to the product and keeping already introduced product satisfied to the current customers are given importance. In fact marketing is such a managing activity that collects the consumer’s demands from the consuming field by being involved with actual buyer’s related environment and day after day that activity offer inseparable stream of supply of products keeping accuracy with the customer’s demands.

In business market the act of marketing runs through some processes including extraordinary marketing strategy. Giving emphasis on the importance on marketing first of all the production authority should determine the behavior of consumer’s demands. The product creating organization should gather experience about the needs of consuming fields in accordance with the culture and demands of individual backed by buying power of the consuming territory. On this strategy based process of marketing the marketing board of a company determines the benefits of giving service and products in accordance with the producing costs.

Marketing Strategy

In the process of marketing, strategy plays a vital role among the other factors of marketing process. The strategy of marketing involves various strategic steps that are taken in marketing process. At the very beginning of marketing strategic steps determine the category selection of consumers. Consumer selection for offering certain products is given the priority by the company. Because several type of consumers are available in society. All of them are not equal to each other in demanding and getting satisfaction from the products offered to them through market. For example some could demand bi-cycle as their favorite vehicle but on the other hand some could demand motor-cycle as their favorite vehicle. Here the strategy of marketing select the group of customers according with their choice and then the marketers supply their respective demands. Otherwise the profit of company will be doomed.

In the strategic marketing system the choice of product’s price taken from the consumer is to be selected in reasonable manner. Selecting a certain group of consumers for a certain type product is the vital and profitable strategy of marketing process.

The management of gradual development of the quality of products through market offering is another unavoidable strategy of marketing process. In this strategy the consumer’s favorite product’s quality is to be maintained. Here the people are supplied not only desirable concrete products but also services that are offered through market. This type of strategy determines consumer’s satisfaction by applying several types of strategies.

Recently marketing strategy includes the convincing strategy to make social needs as well as individual needs. This convincing is driven by the production authority through various kinds of advertisement. In this process of marketing a company uses the persuasive power to makes social needs to their products. In this persuasive method through advertisement a company uses celebrities and beautiful persons to display their products and services. By the touch of celebrities products and services can make a profound influence over the consumer’s mind. Another emerging marketing strategy is seen in Multilevel marketing system (MLM system) in the modern marketing process introduced in various develop countries in the world. In this marketing process each consumer is the distributer of the product to other. Here the profit is to be distributed not only among the companies but also among all the consumers as well as distributers.

In real interpretation of marketing including its process having strategy, it can be said that the total continuous business revolution of the world is growing upwards through the marketing strategies. After collecting the consumer’s demand the invention of that product, the producing cost selection, the product price selection including profit that would be taken from consumers in return and last of the categorization of consumers in consuming are regulated by the strategic marketing steps. Keeping the honor of the company by supplying the continuous satisfactory products in accordance with the gradual changes of consumer’s consuming habit is the high ranking strategic factor of marketing process.

Can it be possible to reach business triumph without strategic marketing?

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Importance of Strategic Marketing

In such a way the importance of marketing strategy in the process of products’ introducing to the consuming environment of people existing in society has been knocking at every doorstep of gradual business development. Since when business idea started to run through the human civilization and till now there is nothing important in business triumph but marketing strategy. Ignorance about the importance of marketing is the road-map for any production of authority or company to be destroyed or doomed in place of taking profit. Through marketing strategic ability the producers can look after the sensitive variety of consumer’s desire and can lead the newly introduced products to their doorsteps by promising their varieties of satisfaction. Only strategic marketing ability can make a good balance between the act of demanding products and the act of payment in return for those products.


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    • profile image

      E Padro 5 years ago

      Very detailed and informative hub. Convincing consumers to buy a product is part of a successful marketing strategy. Consumers know what they want and what they are searching for, so, it is the role of the marketer to provide them the quality products they are searching for using the best marketing strategies to complete the sales. Thanks for sharing this information. You are welcome to visit my hubs anytime, they have useful information related to this topic. Great hub!

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 5 years ago from Bangladesh

      Yes, you are right but making the consumer to feel that there is no way but buy a certain product is the vital marketing strategy of the production authority of that company. Creating product appeal to the consumer need is all in all of a product’s marketers.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 5 years ago

      Very informative and interesting.

      I think most marketers do not cater to the consumers wants and needs but make them feel that they cannot live without there product.

      Voted up and interesting.

      Take Care