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Marketing Through Trade Shows

Updated on March 27, 2010

Marketing Through Trade Shows

It appears that the marketing industry continues to find new and interesting ways to promote products, build brands, and get Americans to spend money and buy what ever it is the company they're representing has to offer.  One of the primary ways to help build the brand and get the word out that a company or organization exists is through the use of trade shows in your market or industry.  Today people have even created virtual trade shows to promote products with lower costs. 

Trade Shows are hosted by single companies like the ones we have seen from Apple at MacWorld or BlizzCon from Blizzard Entertainment.  Others participate in shows that are centered around a product or market that allows companies to promote their products without the cost of hosting and managing a complete event.  Participating in events is much cheaper than hosting them yourself.  

These shows are often hosted all around the world, in enjoyable locations such as Hawaii, California, Las Vegas, and even smaller locations like Austin Texas.  Marketers will create large exhibits to help show of the companies they represent and the products they are selling.  These exhibits are large and can be very impressive.  I personally enjoy the award winning trade show exhibits that I've seen here.  The company seems very impressive and has incredible designs.  They are also incredible banner stands  that they display and provide for their clients.  

Any marketer should be sure to include into their knowledge base the information and experiences needed to be successful at Trade Shows.  It is an essential skill that will ultimately be used.  Being prepared for such a situation will only help you. 

Participating in Trade Shows is always an enjoyable experience for consumers.  You often get to see the latest and greatest technologies that have not yet come to market.  They often include hands on opportunities as well as free products that companies give away to promote the brand. 

Another interesting approach to trade shows is those used for hiring new employees.  College grads will often be targeted by a number of organizations that group together and provide hiring trade shows to find, interview, and eventually recruit new employees.  This is a great experience at getting to see and learn about a large number of organizations but will also need to understand that new hires can go through a quick and rushed experience while they are brought on to a new job. 

If you're looking for new start ups and small companies you probably won't find these at large hiring trade shows. 

Overall, Trade Shows are interesting and strong events that bring individuals together to promote products, brand, and sales.  If you haven't participated in one, you should look to do so. 


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    • bdizzle99 profile image

      bdizzle99 7 years ago from Bethesda, MD

      Very cool - I've always been fascinated with the trade show floors. The exhibits always range from simple tables and table cloths to highly intricate structures that look like they've cost over a million dollars. Having an exciting or interesting booth can certainly generate buzz amongst conference attendees.