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Marketing Your Real Estate Business

Updated on March 25, 2018
sydneyspence profile image

Sydney began freelance writing in 2008, works with hundreds of Realtors across the country, and is a born and raised Texan.

Marketing for the New and Seasoned Agent

Whether you are a new or seasoned real estate agent, marketing is the most important aspect of your business. From building an online presence to expanding your visibility, marketing is the key factor in your business success. Here are simple marketing techniques that can make a big difference when it comes to building up your real estate pipeline.

How to Use Print Marketing

Yes, most marketing is done online to reach the masses however, print marketing is still as important. With business cards, neighborhood postcards, and even brochures, there is always a need for print marketing.

Business Cards are Essential

Everyone, in every industry, needs business cards. It's like a small advertisement for your business. Vistaprint is a great, inexpensive way to buy print materials.

Introduce Yourself to the Neighborhoods

Send out introduction postcards to the areas you want to focus on in the beginning. If there is a specific neighborhood you want to dedicate your efforts to, this is the best way to get your name in front of them. It doesn't have to be anything flashy. Just a simple postcard with your contact information is suffice.

End of Year Postcards Bring in New Clients

Toward the end of the fourth quarter, design end of year postcards to include all the properties you have sold in the current year. This is a great way to show your skills to prospects!

Visit the Apartment Complexes

Take marketing materials to local area apartment complexes and hotels with extended stay clients. The renters and long term guests may benefit from your services and it's great networking.

Become a Referral Agent for Fortune 500 Companies

Connect with Fortune 500 companies that consistently move employees around. You can assist them with locating short term rentals and earn a commission from each one. Then, if that employees chooses to move to the area on a permanent basis, they already have a relationship with you.

Send Military Specific Marketing Materials

Advertise to military households. These are the families that are constantly moving and could use a good resource. That could be you.

Using Print Marketing at Open Houses

Host an open house for your new listing and be sure to promote throughout the neighborhood, online, and in the local newspaper of relevant.

Take Business Cards to Networking Events

Attend real estate seminars in other states if you have the opportunity. It’s great networking and allows you to get to know other areas to be a better resource for your relocating clients.

Stay in Touch with Past Clients

Send annual cards to past clients to keep you fresh in their minds. Once a year is good, perhaps Christmas time or beginning of a New Year. You never know when their circumstances change and they may need you again.

Just Sold Postcards are Huge

Send out 'Just Sold Postcards' to the neighborhood you’ve just listed and sold a property in. This shows other owners in the area that the market is a good one for them to consider selling in.

Create Flyers for Open Houses

Use for flyers and other marketing services. It is free to sign up and they have plenty of designs to choose from that are affordable.

How to Attract Clients with Online Marketing

Online marketing is an ever-growing platform that is endless with possibilities for getting your name out there. As a new agent, get online immediately. Just like you were taught in real estate school that attraction to a property is all about location, location, location. Online, your domain is your virtual property and the attraction for visitors will be content, content, content.

Set Up an Online Blog

Keep a weekly blog of home buying or selling tips, home maintenance tips, and even the occasional recipe. A blog has the ability to show potential customers your expertise. Don't have time to write your own real estate related blog? Set up a My Realty Times account and use for social media posts, newsletters, or to create your own content.

Use Monthly Newsletters to Stay in Touch

Send out monthly newsletters using MailChimp or another newsletter service. This is a great way to keep your name in front of your prospects and clients! it doesn't have to be just newsletters you are sending out and it's a great way to build your email list.

Social Media is Your Best Friend

Promote your listings on social media. This cannot be stressed enough. Social media will be your best friend. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are just a few of the platforms to consider using.

Hire a Photographer for Visual Graphics Online

Include photos in all property listings, at least 30-40, and virtual tours for higher end properties. This is why you want a relationship with a professional photographer.

Email Coming Soon Properties to other Realtors

Email your coming soon listing to agents outside of your brokerage. This is a great way to build your email list and networking.

Have an Email Signature They'll Remember

Create a kick-ass email signature that includes your head shot. Make sure your messages leave a lasting impression.

Hire a Writer to Write an eBook

Write an eBook about your local area, things to do, places to see, or your expertise in real estate. (More information on this topic below)

Get Listed in Online Directories

Include yourself in every online directory available., for example, is a start-up directory created by the author of this blog that is gaining attention for it's easy to use platform that costs users nothing.

Create Videos Online

Use YouTube to create informational videos, how-to videos, touring the area, and promoting your services.

Get Set Up with Yelp

Yelp can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you are going to use it, refer clients to it after a successful transaction. Build up reviews and five stars.

Enhance Your Social Media Bios

Create an in-depth social media page on LinkedIn. Talk about YOU, not the properties you are listing. This is your professional platform. Hire a freelance writer to create a kick-ass bio (because most people have issue talking about themselves) and content for your website.

Get on Angie's List

Sign up for Angie’s List. This is similar to Yelp whereas people are going to review you. This can be a good and a bad thing depending on the clientele you service.

Set Up Facebook Business Page

Use Facebook for business socializing. This is where you keep a personal level of communication open to followers while occasionally "promoting" your services, properties, and community involvement.

Instagram is Easy to Set Up and Use

Use Instagram for photos of new listings, open houses, and anything else you want to promote for the property.

Create Professional Materials for Online Distribution

Use for flyers and other marketing services. It's free to sign up and is a great resource for e-flyers, virtual tours, property websites, and anything else you may need to promote your listings online.

Create Online Graphics

Try Canva to design professional graphics that can be used for awesome looking posts, headers, logos, and more.


It's the Little Things that Make a Big Difference

Marketing yourself as a real estate agent entails more than print or online materials. It's the little things that count too.

Become a Sponsor

Get involved as a sponsor within your community. Not only is doing good going to make you feel good, you'll also look good.

Networking is a Must

Attend luncheons, events, seminars, etc. This is a great networking method.

Attend Open Houses by Other Agents

Attend open houses hosted by other agents. Also great networking but, it also allows you to learn the area and the homes within those areas.

Connect with Contractors

Connect with contractors of any industry. Changes are homeowners will need them at some point.

Get Creative with Property Descriptions

Write a property description that makes a person want to live in that home. Act as if you are talking to a friend and not trying to sell.

Talk to Your Clients

Don’t just “sell”, talk. Get on your client's level and become someone they can trust for valuable advice and not just someone trying to sell them a house.

Host Open Houses

Host an open house for each of your listings and be sure to promote throughout the neighborhood.

Welcome Gifts Leave a Lasting Impression

Send welcome gifts to every client at closing and be sure to ask for referrals.

Sign Up for Real Estate Seminars

Attend real estate seminars in other states if you have the opportunity. It’s great networking.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Manage your time and communications above all else. This can directly impact your professional image on so many levels.

Network Some More

Network every chance you get, even in the grocery store, at the movies, or anywhere conversation about real estate arises.

Build Relationship with Apartment Locators

Find an Apartment Locator and become best friends. They can help show you the ropes and be a great resource for those needing to rent. The locator will send you those renters looking to buy.

Be an Honest and Reliable Agent

Do what you say you’re going to do and put that in an ad. Is there something that makes you special or sets you apart from other Realtors?

Every New Agent Needs Income

Write an Ebook About Your Area (or hire a writer)

Not only will writing an eBook help you reach a professional appearance, it will also be a great resource guide for your clients. They will appreciate your information and who knows the area better than someone helping others buy and sell in it?

Providing area information, utility companies, a moving guide, and even things to do will give you plenty of content for your eBook. Consider including neighborhood information or community events too. Transportation tips make great content as well.

Marketing Holidays

Using the holidays to promote your service is a great way to build a fun relationship with potential customers, even better to promote specials you may be offering, and are an effective tool when you don't know what to market.

Jan 1 - New Years Day

Jan 15 - Martin Luther King Day

Feb 14 - Valentines Day

Feb 19 - Presidents Day

Mar 17 - St. Patrick's Day

Mar 11 - Daylight Saving Starts

Apr 1 - Easter

May 13 - Mothers Day

May 28 - Memorial Day

June 17 - Fathers Day

July 4 - Independence Day

Sept 3 - Labor Day

Oct 8 - Columbus Day

Oct 31 - Halloween

Nov 4 - Daylight Saving Ends

Nov 11 - Veterans Day

Nov 22 - Thanksgiving

Dec 25 - Christmas Day

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© 2017 Sydney Spence


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    • sydneyspence profile imageAUTHOR

      Sydney Spence 

      14 months ago from Austin Texas

      You'd be surprised! Even one new lead in real estate is valuable!

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      15 months ago from Central Florida

      Great list of marketing tips, Sydney! I occasionally get post cards of homes that have sold in my area. How many new leads actually come from that type of marketing?

    • sydneyspence profile imageAUTHOR

      Sydney Spence 

      16 months ago from Austin Texas

      Thank you Bill! It always means more coming from you :)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      16 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I'm not a realtor but I am a friend, so well done. It's always nice to see your name pop up on the feed.


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