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Targeted Marketing With Local SEO

Updated on February 2, 2015
Thousands of people everyday, are searching Google before making purchasing decisions. If you are not found in local searches you are missing a large part of your target market.
Thousands of people everyday, are searching Google before making purchasing decisions. If you are not found in local searches you are missing a large part of your target market.

Discovering SEO

A lot of companies have discovered the value of search engine marketing, although they have yet to really maximize local SEO. The online world has opened up a worldwide marketplace, but that doesn’t mean businesses should ignore the target audience that still lives within close proximity. There are plenty of prospective customers who are just down the street, and search engine marketing strategies ought to keep all of them in mind.

The most effective Internet marketing services should reach out to the people close by in order to expand foot traffic right with the website traffic. Obviously, this isn’t as essential when the organization doesn't have some kind of bricks-and-mortar location. However, when the business sells as much inventory face-to-face as it does through the mail, local SEO is critically important.

Improve Local SEO

There are tons of things companies can do to further improve their local SEO. To begin with, it’s crucial that you adhere to the regular seo practices, but there are a few more things that have to be done. The good thing is they are comparatively straightforward processes and anyone is capable of doing them to increase their local rankings.

Local SEO strategies consist of using the geo tag Meta data, formatting the address and phone number so it is instantly identifiable on every page of the website, and also submit the site to the local listings of the big search engines. Another strategy includes submitting the site to several online yellow pages as well as other digital directories.

Reasons for Local SEO

One of the main reasons businesses can target the local market with their SEO practices is the simple fact that it’s usually easier to rank well for lengthier, geo-targeted key phrases compared to more generalized and competitive keywords that a lot of companies are going after. Local SEO techniques are specifically meant to seize this low-hanging fruit and help organizations be successful as fast as possible.

The other reason local SEO is really attractive pertains to how many people who have given up traditional yellow pages. These days, there are few people that actually use a hard copy of the yellow pages to find information on the businesses that are in the area. It’s become second nature to immediately use the Internet to discover where the nearby businesses are.

Include Regular SEO Techniques

In order to be successful at local SEO, you are going to need to carry out the regular search engine marketing techniques as well. You can optimize your website for geo-targeted key phrases and submit to the local listings, but you are still going to need to optimize the text-based content and linking framework of the website as well as build a lot of back-links.

It can be a time intensive procedure, but small business SEO may be possible when businesses have a plan for the local SEO and conventional SEO techniques. Most companies want to use the Internet in order to reach out to people around the world. This is a worthwhile objective, but sometimes it can be more advantageous to reach out to the people in the area. Then, when the cashflow is coming in from the local scene, it'll be much easier to go international.

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    • MDAT profile image

      MDAT 7 years ago from Garland, TX

      This is exactly what I'm trying to do with local businesses in my area of Dallas TX. I am hoping to leverage a good portion of my content to dedicate to advertising and creating articles and video content for their businesses (free of charge) using these techniques and then hopefully have it translate into increased traffic for my sites. Would you have anymore tips for me?