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Marketing is education and education is marketing. This is not for attracting views. This is for something more.

Updated on May 9, 2013

This marketing was a big mistake

This sign educated people that the land was private and for sale. The problem was the sign it was illegal. People were educated enough to stop development theron.
This sign educated people that the land was private and for sale. The problem was the sign it was illegal. People were educated enough to stop development theron. | Source

There is so much truth in the world, deciding what truth to teach is paramount.

Marketing is Education and Education is Marketing.

The notion that an informed people will want your product is not new. The notion that educating people about what will make their life better is not new. Education sounds like a higher calling than marketing, but it is not. Education in our schools is simply the marketing of a given idea. Education is never far from what the establishment wants you to believe. Marketing is never far from “enlightening” you on a given thing or service.

Education is marketing. Did you ever wonder why they do not teach Buddha in bible classes? Did you ever wonder why they do not have holistic therapy, national ad campaigns? Well the answer is obvious. Those would not lead you to buy a product or religion. They would make you smarter and better informed, but there is no money in that.

Learning does not stop

Sell a man a fish and he eats one day, sell a man on fishing for a living and he eats a lifetime.

But the best of all marketing is if you can sell a man on himself.

We teach far more by what we do than by what we say.

Now public school education (in USA that means gov. funded) Educates our youth. How wonderful. Theology is largely left out of the curriculum but the religion of free enterprise consumerism is wholly intact. Kind of weird that we can teach/preach in our schools capitalism and quietly endorse products but cannot speak of Love and divinity. If you doubt me, research the matter. Wilson, Nike, Macintosh, Microsoft are all over the place in public schools. Even school vehicles proudly display Ford. Books proclaim the acceptability of Rand McNally. It is not just allowed it is force fed to our youngsters. So bureaucrats essentially endorse products and indoctrinate our youth and therefore our families.

Let me back off from the seemingly negative. If we as consumers see this and react calmly, then we can analyze products and services. Some products are marketed with pure unadulterated glitz while others try to inform you why their product is best. Billboards and radio are not the place for education; they are the place for one liners. TV is a visual attraction not based on information but on appearance and sex appeal. It is up to you not to buy on these techniques but rather to look for the informative educational data produced by the seller, and others. This takes it out of the realm of sales and into the realm of education.

The difference between being sold on something or educated about it, is you.

Impressive Big Courthouses are meant to market the idea that government is all powerful

Walker, Texas Ranger's Courthouse, Tarrant County
Walker, Texas Ranger's Courthouse, Tarrant County | Source

Don't Freak out over it, just be aware.

Producers/sellers that brought you in with sales techniques must be held accountable in fine marketing which is education. If a seller does not have an educational plan of the pros and cons, walk away. Cheap does not need education. Mass consumption does not need education. Marketing is education, unless you like just to spend money.

Marketing is Education. Even if the idea disgusts us it is nevertheless true. People can tell you the MPG of a new car but have not a clue where the parts to make it come from. People can tell you the cooking time of popcorn but not the additives in the popcorn. I bring my reading glasses to the grocery store. And I learn a lot. My nephew has had a car for two years and did not know how many cylinders it has, but swears that his fancy rims make it perform better.

I am not saying all education is slanted and I am not saying that all marketing educates us with worthless knowledge. I am saying that we should at least acknowledge the fact that not all our education is pristine and that marketing strategies inform you of what you need to know to buy, and that is it.

Now take everything I just spoke of and apply to yourself.

If you want love to last, make sure it is an educated love and not a sales pitch.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Thanks for dropping by RoadTrip man.

    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Thought provoking and challenging article. Thanks