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Marketing the HYPE

Updated on May 14, 2009

CEO T. Davis in front of Truck Ad

The HYPE never pays off- not really

Wow, this made the news this week and I felt that I just had to share with all you Newbie Internet Marketers.

Life-lock, a company that offers Identity Theft/Fraud Services has gotten themselves in a bit of a pickle.

Their CEO Todd Davis, got the great idea (and yes, I'm joking) to put his actual Social Security Number (yes his real one) on all of the companies commercials, trucks, ads - Everywhere.

Why? His company, Life-Lock, sells $1 Million dollars worth of protection against Identity theft and fraud and wanted to ramp up his customer base. Now Todd Davis really believes in his product. In truth, it was a great Marketing idea but maybe he didn't think it out before he did it.

A man in Texas now has a payday high interest loan in Todd Davis' name on Todd's credit report.

Also, Regulators and Attorneys, NY state and The Credit Reporting Agencies are all starting to file lawsuits for... drum-roll please...

"false advertising and deceptive business practices".

Not fun!

This is a perfect example of why HYPE is never the way to pitch it, spin it or sell it. You might get a lot of response, (Life-lock got a ton of customers from this campaign) but in the end... you didn't do anything but hurt your reputation. Kiss new clients goodbye.

You don't want that especially if you are just starting out. Stick to the facts and you will be safe in your Internet Marketing.

Generating Prospects should be fun for you yes in that you know you are bringing value and solutions to the people that are attracted to you. It shouldn't be you trying to sign up as many people as possible. The big thing is to never promise something YOU can't deliver.

I want your marketing to be safe and enjoyable and thought a big boo boo by a mega company might inspire you to stay on track.

To read the actual news article, click the link below.


Johni Redd

Did anyone else see this on the top of the page? >>>



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    • myhappylaptop profile image

      myhappylaptop 9 years ago from Louisville Kentucky

      "just FUNny"

      LOL I like that. :D

    • Internet MLM Now profile image

      Internet MLM Now 9 years ago from Oklahoma

      You gotta love it though... trying a little fun in marketing is great as you well know. But as you said, add hype and it's just FUNny :D

    • myhappylaptop profile image

      myhappylaptop 9 years ago from Louisville Kentucky

      I think people can learn a ton from a back fire like this :), be straight forward and honest in all you do. Hype in the end is just H-Y-P-E

    • The How To Hub profile image

      The How To Hub 9 years ago from Australia

      what a great example - that backfired more than a little bit didn't it

      : )

    • profile image

      myhappylaptop 9 years ago

      Ha ha that is funnebone! Now if someone does make a payment let me know, you might start a trend. LOL Thanks for leaving a comment :)

    • funnebone profile image

      funnebone 9 years ago from Philadelphia Pa

      I put my ss on my car, I am hoping somoene will open an account with it and actually make a payment!..Thanks for the heads up