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Marketing trend to watch out in 2018.

Updated on October 4, 2017

These are some potential marketing trends for nonprofit fundraising for the year 2018.

It is September already and we’ll soon enter the final few months of this year. This is an important time for fundraisers and charities in the sense that the average person can now reach out to almost any person in this world. With changing times, the trends of marketing change. Not so long ago, marketing used to mean cold mailing potential clients, print ads in newspapers and magazines, door to door salespeople and product promoters, etc. But today, with budding technology like AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, 360-degree video recording, the scope for outreach has never been this huge. This potential must not go untapped, and that is why we have decided to run your through the potential marketing trends of the year to come.

1. AR/VR A fundraising campaign depend on the empathy and understand ability of people. It doesn’t matter what your cause is, you can only hope to succeed if people can sympathise with your cause. While a well-made video or a well captured photograph can get you by, what will really get people to understand your cause is if you can put them there. And this is where AR/VR comes into play. With VR, people can actually know what they’re contributing for.

2. Social Media breakthrough While it can be agreed that social media is largely cluttered and noisy, it’s potential is unparalleled. Especially now that almost all social media offer live videos to be streamed and watched by thousands of people around the globe. This technology can lead to a major social media breakthrough when it comes to marketing and fundraising. With live videos, people will be able to see what’s happening with the funds that they’ve contributed.

3. Quality content Gone are those days when advertisements meant mere explainer videos. Advertisements nowadays are meant to evoke emotions and thoughts from the people. We see, from time to time, that even advertisements go viral. There’s huge unseen potential in the quality content area. Evidence to this can be found in several marketing campaigns. Pick any good marketing campaign and you’ll see that they’re all based on two things: quality of the product, and good advertisements.

4. Mascot marketing with AI. While using a mascot to boost your campaign is not unheard of, Artificial Intelligence will open up doors that no one thought existed. With all the buzz around AI going on, it is inevitable that someone will see the potential in using AI for marketing purposes. While the idea sounds a bit fantastic, it shouldn’t be a surprise if, in 2018, we’ll finally have a fully functioning AI mascot.

5. Blogging Blogging isn’t new. Blogging for the purpose of nonprofit fundraising is also not new. But continuous blogging, with a well carved niche of readers and subscribers is something most fundraising campaigns lack. As more and more people are understanding the importance of blogging for the purpose of brand building, we can be sure that fundraising campaigns too, will open up blogs with well written articles.


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