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How to Apply Marketing Automation To Coupon Code Distribution

Updated on June 12, 2012

Submit Coupon Codes For Profit

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Being the first to submit a coupon code is more important than ever in 2012

Are you sick and tired of submitting your coupons by hand one by one, or having to pay a firm to manage your coupon campaigns and offers for you? Its tedious to search Google time and again for sites to submit your coupons on, trust me I know. Loading and re submitting your coupon info repeatedly on the sites, spending your good times in typing the same repetitive task over again?

If you have been working hard to advertise your website, local offers and discount coupons, no wonder, you would have fallen a prey to all of these processes. So when I tell you that you don’t have to do any of these tedious repetitive tasks. That you can just sit back and relax on your couch and watch your computer do everything for you, would you believe me?

Mass Coupon Submitter


Submit coupon codes with new distribution platform.!

Yes! The new mass coupon submitter will help you relax as it shoulders your coupon submitting responsibilities. This novel software is designed by Microbot to handle all your coupon submission in one comprehensive platform. All you need to do is order the software and get it installed in your computer. Don’t panic if you are not a techie. This is absolutely a user-friendly tool; no big rocket science here. Fill out your coupon once, choose how many threads you want it to run with and hit the blast button.. The manual that comes along with the coupon code submitter’s installation package clearly explains and details how to best configure your coupon code data. You can also preview it before posting.. Basically, you need to enter your coupon offer details in the given boxes one time. Once you are done, click on the blast button, one click then wait for the report to display!

Hitting the blast button instantly takes your coupon to over 90 sites. Imagine how many hours of search engine runs you need to make in order to save 90 high ranking, perfectly functioning sites. And these are not just some sites that the coupon code submitter holds for you, but truly reliable, customer-oriented sites such as mycoupons and retailmenot which have high page rank AND hungry buying customers!

Submit Multiple Coupon Code Offers At Once

What Mass Coupon Submitter can do for you

You being the website administrator or owner, or an affiliate marketer need to provide discount offers on your products before someone else does. Season-specific, keyword-specific – discounts can be regarding just about anything as long as there is a buying market. Some retailers , perhaps you, find yourself not offering discounts because you don't have enough time to submit coupon code offers at all of the appropriate places. Then consider what mass coupon submitter can do for you in automating your coupon marketing efforts.

Coupon Submitting Benefits

The new software suite from Microbot, includes tools like mass coupon submitter that is guaranteed to save you hours and hours of work, building do follow authority backlinks WITH buying customers! The submitter tool is easy to use, completely simplifying the coupon code submitting process and saving a detailed report for you to track results with. You also get to pre-view how your offer would look like before you do the discount offer submission. What makes this submitter unique is that your discount offer submission will reach out to 90+ sites in just a click. This is a highly efficient system to get connected to a large group of customers because the sites included in the package are HOT hubs for potential buyers like retailmenot, mycoupons etc. Doing it manually one by one is painstaking and boring. Instead, making use of a technology like this is wiser in the long run, especially when you have multiple discount offer submissions. You do not need to worry about the proxies and captchas. The submitter tool works intelligently with integrated captcha solving services and provides full support for private and public proxies. It also saves all your successful and failed posts to a report so that you can track your results instantly.

Plan wisely for an attractive discount offer. You have a powerful tool to disseminate your offers to potential buyers. Building a landing page or using short URLs is another great way to get your affiliate offers out with coupon codes . Check out mass coupon submitter now.

Are You Taking Advantage Of Coupon Code Marketing

How are you using Coupon Marketing?

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