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Marketing a Cluttered World: Top Ten Marketing Campaigns

Updated on May 17, 2013

Top Ten Marketing Campaigns

You have your new business up and you just now discovering that you have advertise. You are unsure what to do and where to begin. I can help. Let me describe to you the 10 different marketing campaigns and then you can decide what will fit best with you.

Social Marketing

Well if you havn't already started a social marketing account then I would suggest to do that ASAP. Not only is it free but it works. You may not get many following your page but it is something you can always advise to your customers to follow you on.

Another great part is it is free to update change and post any advertisements and news at will. Most advertisements that you pay for are for a limited time. Over that time if you make changes it will cost more money. This the smart choice since eventually you will need to pay for other marketing campaigns. This is one that will only add to your social marketing.

One great way to get more followers is to post a coupon or give a discount for a time for anyone that follows your business page. You will get followers sharing that information because it is free money to their friends. Then their friends will share it to their friends and you can see where this can go. In just one coupon/discount campaign you could triple your followers in just a short amount of time. I would do this every 5 to 8 weeks. That is just long enough that they do not get bored with you and just short enough to keep them coming back for more.



This would be a good starter for any new small or big business. However, you have to have fliers and people. If you don't have people to hand them out and cannot do it your self then I would skip this campaign. It is important to remember the more fliers you hand out the bigger response you get. Also the more people you have handing them out the less time it will take to hand them out. Two hands are better than but four will get you more.

Something else to consider if you really want to get a good response from people you should make the fliers coupons. This way you can track the impact of the marketing campaign. With any marketing campaign you do, you always want to know if it was worth it. Sometimes businesses lose more money than they spend on marketing campaigns. To avoid that just track your progress. It is an important way to know if you are waisting your time and money or if you need to try harder next time.

I would also advise to be mindful of where you solicit. There are numerous locations that have signs that say, "No Solicitation." It is important to follow them because if the owner of the property finds out you did not abide to it then they could press charges and have you arrested. Most people will not press charges as long as you stop from that point on. However, this is not good in regards to public relations because that owner now has a bad impression of you and possibly so does the police.

Great locations are public events or locations. You could also drop a couple at a local business that will give you their support. I would offer some discounted services to the management of local businesses so they can testify of your products or services first hand. You could also work with your city's Commerce Council.

Depending on your business location will have to be decided by you. If you are dog walking business I would go to a popular city park. If you are a mechanic then I would try to drop off fliers at a couple daycares. Why you may ask? It is common knowledge that most men work on their own cars or have a buddy that does. However, I know several women that are always looking for a good mechanic, but cannot trust just anybody. A daycare is a place that they trust and with you going to their daycare it shows that not only are you looking for business but also care about their children's safety. It is not only the action but the message it portrays when it comes to advertising that makes the campaign fail or succeed.

Solicitation without brainstorming first will only make things harder. Please put some thought as to the location you will target before you make the fliers.


Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

The next best thing to fliers is newspaper ads. You could pretty much take the same fl-yer and give it to the newspaper or magazine. This will be more expensive but then again if you look at it, they will be passing out your fl-yer for you. This is great for any business especially small businesses. The one thing I would suggest is use words or fonts that stand out but are still legible. This will draw eyes to your ad as they are flipping pages.


Direct Mail

This will be easier because most likely you will hire a marketing firm to do this for you. What a direct mail marketing campaign does is that out of a database of thousands of names and addresses it will mass mail your business fl-yer to them. The company will make the fl-yer and mail it based on how many you pay for. 1,000 is a good round number to start with if you are in a big city. If you are in a small town then 200-500 would be more adequate. You may want to start bigger but I would advise to see how the response it at first. It may not be worth it and then again you may find that this is your "bread and butter" campaign. There is only one way to find out - just do it.


Email Marketing

It is a similar process as far as hiring a marketing firm with a big database of emails then have them send your promotional information. This should be more expensive than direct mailing due to the amount you need to send out and the access to a big database. The thing is with emails it is easier to delete emails than throw away a promotional fl-yer. I would only suggest this if you have emails of around 4,000 or higher for it to be worth your time and money. This is due to the lower response. Some businesses may benefit from emails more than fliers due to the profile of customers they are seeking. I would suggest to brainstorm with the marketing firm before you go this way first. They may have more profile information on each customer to help you pinpoint if they have the right database of customers to meet your needs.


Text Message Marketing

This is where the risk of making bad impressions begins. Emails are not as private as they used to be and most people accept that they get "junk" emails. Text messaging is new and personal. Most people would be concerned on how you got their number than your promotion so I would walk carefully if you decide to do this type of campaign.

Numerous companies have huge amounts of phone numbers in a database. This is where you have to weight the good, the bad, and the ugly things that come with marketing. If you are a small company this is not a route I would suggest due the bad publicity that may come out of something like this. However, if you do it right, and depending on your business you could pull off a success.

Remember to brainstorm on what are your target customers. The majority of "texters" will be teenagers, college age and 30 something's. So the base of customer is broad and I would suggest doing something like this in the 15,000 or more range if you do decide to do it. It will be a pretty penny but you will get your message across just like an email but a text message is something that people will actually read then just delete.


Here's an oldie but a goodie except when you make people angry. You have to have a good sales pitch or higher a good telemarketing company that can come up with one for you. The point is simple - to get the person from hanging up. Then they have to get them interested in buying your product or ordering your service. This is hard to do and not many are successful. I would not suggest this unless you have a lot of money to burn and have a product that you can order right from the phone quickly. People want off the phone and if you can do it quickly they might be more inclined to buy.


Radio Advertising

For any small business this is the first step I would take after a direct mail campaign. Not only will they get it in the mail but they will hear it on the radio. Double whammy marketing is the ticket if you have the funds. There are so many things you can do with a radio ad but the most thing people will hear is your voice, and sincerity. When they come to your business and they hear your voice then you might be able to create a connection. Connections are important and by putting your own voice it will begin the connection process. Sometimes owners use their kids voice to create the connection. This will work as well. It puts a person and character with a name. People always like the personal touch. It's classy.


Television Commercial

This is where you pull out your wallet ladies and gentlemen. The first thing is find a local video company that will create a good quality commercial for you. This will be cheaper than the bigger companies that will charge you a thousand more. You do not need extraordinary quality just good enough to get started. Once you have the commercial then contact your local broadcast stations. They can give you quotes as to times, channels, and duration. This is where the money comes in. How long is too long and who do I target?

Well remember you need to do a trial first in any marketing campaign. I would suggest about doing a month trial first. Then a three month trial next. I would try to stick with the local stations because they will bring local customers and it goes out to those without paid cable. Then with the feedback and information you got from your customers then base your next television marketing campaign around that. Most businesses just put commercials on all of the time but if you are on a budget it is best to be smart with your money instead of going with the flow. You won't have much of a business if you burn it all on advertising. Remember to reserve to preserve your business.


Live Show Marketing

This is something I would only suggest to a small few since it does require some "magic" for it to work. What this is a live presentation of your products to a group that you have selected through a database based on their interests and profile. You need to have a constant presentation crew and a good amount of names to keep the Live Show flowing with potential customers. The only thing is that you are looking for "Wow" factor presentation and need some reward for those that do come to your presentation without any strings. One thing is for sure if you market this way you will run into skeptics all of the time. Your product or service must be very impressive and they need a good discount for this to work.

You could also utilize them as focus groups and even video record this. You may want to turn it into an info commercial one day but I would start here first.

I hope that with all of the ideas and information you have decided your marketing plans for the next couple of campaigns. You can do more than one but the most important thing about marketing campaigns is the research to see if they are working or not.


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