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Martinez Residential Waste Disposal

Updated on May 24, 2010

A Little History

We bid you welcome to Southern Waste Disposal. We're so happy you dropped by. We hope that now you’re here, you can stick around long enough to know more about us. Southern Waste Disposal is a locally owned and operated residential waste disposal company that is currently serving all of the Martinez area.

Our business started in the last quarter of 2007. Eventhough we're not the seniors in the trash business, we do have some rather old-fashioned or conservative ideas. Through the years, we have realized that without our customers, our business would not have reallys tarted and teh eventually flourished. We also believe in providing each and every one of our customers with quality and satisfactoy service. If this is done or achieved, then they will stick around for a long time, become loyal customers and eventually, they'll be telling their friends about us.

Trash Removal Customer Service

As part of providing customer satisfaction, Martinez Trash removal service provides you with one or two (it really depends on what you need) durable or long-lasting, large capacity and easily maneuverable, waste containers. All you have to do is to simply fill them up with household waste, place them by for pickup on pickup day and Martinez Trash Removal Service will do the rest. We are willing to roll it back up to your house after we empty it.

At Southern Waste Disposal, you can always seek our help or services when you’re building, remodeling or cleaning out a lot of junk. Just give us a call and we'll bring you out one of our large capacity roll off containers. Our Martinez Dumpster rental service constitutes bringing you out a dumpster, setting it up where it’s totally convenient for you and when you're ready, hauling it off.

The Southern Pride

Southern Waste Disposal is basically your average and ordinary trash company. We offer complete waste management services and we are a trash company that truly cares about providing prompt and reliable service. In addition, since we're being backed by our Southern Pride, we are fully and totally committed to always going the extra mile to meet the needs of all of our customers.

So, if you’ str looking for a Martinez trash company that you can really trust and rely on, contact us today at 706-309-9050 and allow us go that “extra mile” for you.


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