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In a Down Economy Lipstick Sells!

Updated on July 4, 2012

Your Business Your Way!

Treat your customers to the hottest on trend products in the industry.
Treat your customers to the hottest on trend products in the industry.
Me!  Oh Yeah Unit Director!
Me! Oh Yeah Unit Director!
Celebrating on stage!
Celebrating on stage!

Are you looking for something different and are you ready to change your life with a company that is growing! Mary Kay is using the latest in technology to engage with customers! The new interactive I-pad class is such a hit! Are you a texter? Tweeter? Facbooker? Do you love makeup, beauty products and having fun with girlfriends? If so I want to learn more about you! Being an Entrepreneur means thinking outside the box and living life your way! As a Mary Kay Cosmetics Independent Beauty Consultant I love what I do, I enjoy what I do and I enjoy making women feel happy, building their confidence, and lifting their self esteem. Mary Kay gives you freedom, along with a team of wonderful ladies! Earn trips, prizes and a the use of a career car! There is no recession in Beauty! Look around you and see for yourself….

Join me on this journey of empowering women. The minimum age is 18 and there is no maximum age limit. I am looking for women who are looking for a change and are willing to invest in themselves to grow. The Asheville area needs sharp fun woman and my unit needs you! I am leading an amazing group of Asheville woman in my unit, The Oh Yeah unit! Woman from all walks of life! Artists, Designers, Students, Stay at Home Moms you name it. My team is made up of a fun group we get together and share ideas, grow our business and celebrate!

I started my business with Mary Kay just seven short months ago and have recently promoted myself to Director! I am in my thirties and I live in Western NC with my Husband a carpenter and my son is in elementary school. My family has supported me through this journey. We see this as an opportunity to change our lives and financial situation. You can join me no matter where in the country you live. Just be willing to work hard, be coachable and have fun!

I want to learn more

I would love to treat you to coffee downtown to share this opportunity. Asheville needs more Mary Kay Consultants, we need you!

The Newest Generation of Consultants!


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