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Match Your Adsense Ads with Your Website

Updated on January 6, 2015

Adsense Optimization

Do you need help? Nobody is clicking your ads? Lets do a little adsense optimization and see what happens.

Making money online using adsense is no big secret, what's up for grabs is where the best placement should be. There is another aspect to increasing your CTR, it has to do with colors.

You have 5 elements to look at:

  1. Border
  2. Background
  3. Title
  4. URL
  5. Text

Some of the questions you need to ask are:

  • Should the font size of the adsense ad be larger than your website text?
  • How much do you blend the elements of the ads to match your websites colors?
  • Is it better to use a slightly off shade color to make the ads stand out?
  • Does making the ad border a little darker keep people from looking at them or does it keep them focused once their attention is grabbed?
  • Is a bigger ad to obtrusive, is it actually annoying to a reader?

10 different people will have 10 different opinions, what counts is what your readers think. This is why you will hear these three words - test, test and test.

Organizing Your Ad Blocks

With Hubs you don't have to worry about any of this because you don't have choices, but if you have your own site you can test out quite a few combination's.

One other thing you'll want to do is label you ads.

As you get more sites online you will be using more ad blocks. Sometimes you can use the same ad block on two sites, but most times you'll be using different ad blocks for each site. Adding an ID tag to the ads will keep things in order.

You can't delete ad blocks (Googles rules) so you can easily accumulate 20 or more ad blocks, label them and life will be much easier.

Color Matching Tool

In my travels I have come across little tools that are a real help. Here's one that's FREE, and I wanted to share it with you - It's called Color Detector 2.0.

The instructions are self explanatory, you can match up any colors on any website.

It has saved me a ton of time when testing adsense ad color combination's. I wish I could give you the definitive formula for adsense optimization, but you know I'd be fibbing if I told you I had one.

I can tell you one thing for sure, without traffic it doesn't matter what colors you use, you won't get a click.


Don't be afraid to try different angles, plus there's one thing you must do in addition to this - keep a worksheet.

Two weeks worth of data is generally a good test period for an ad. Make sure you log the placement, color combination's, ad size and font size. This should give you a good matrix of what your traffic is clicking.

There's a thing called Ad Blindness. You may have a subject where readers are oblivious to adsense and no matter what you do your CTR will be low.


I just wanted to touch on the subject of content for a moment.

Keep in mind if your intention is to make the majority of your money from clicks, then you're selling advertising. The key with content and advertising is not to give all the answers away.

If you provide the reader with all they need then they have no need to look further, this equals zero clicks. Guide them, help them, but leave a few open ends so they want to search your ads for more answers.

This is where colors can be useful. The titles must stand out so they can be quickly and easily noticed.

I know this is pretty general and there have been books written in depth about this subject, but there is no replacement for doing your own tests. What works for one site may not work for another,

Be patient - it's worth the time to do this.


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    • mimilka profile image

      mimilka 4 years ago

      The book that you are showing on your hub of Joel Comm is really great. He explains so many details that we need to remember while adding ads to the website.

      One remark about your website about blood pressure. There is a green block on the left that covers whole text when I see your website on my phone. So I cannot see anything on the website.

    • rb11 profile image

      rb11 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      It's really kind of fun to play with the colors, this tool makes it a lot easier...

    • Ultimate Hubber profile image

      Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago

      A useful hub this is. It is really important to match them with website for a higher CTR.