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Material Handling Publications

Updated on February 6, 2012

What are they good for?

Material handling trade publications can prove to be a useful tool to many people and organizations. Material handling equipment manufacturers can use the publications to showcase their new and innovative products. Distributors can use publications to build their standing in the market place by highlighting their goods and services. Purchasing agents can use these publications as resources for decision making processes concerning material handling equipment and services. Members of the material handling industry can use these publications as a means to stay up to date with the rest of the industry. Material handling publications are a indispensable resource for those use, procure, manufacture, sell and service material handling equipment.

The MHEDA Journal

The MHEDA Journal is a material handling publication that is published by Data Key Communications Inc. It is considered the official magazine of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA), a non profit organization serving the material handling industry.

This journal is published quarterly with winter, spring, summer and fall editions. The Journal has an annual subscription rate but MHEDA members receive it as part of their dues. There is a website devoted to the MHEDA Journal where you may read articles online if you with.

The MHEDA Journal also has a extensive online presence with a Facebook page and Twitter profile. The editor of this Journal has a blog and can be found on LinkedIn.

The MHEDA Edge

This is a monthly publication published by the Material Handling Distributors Association (MHEDA) and copyrighted by Data Key Communications, LLC. Subscriptions are free to members of MHEDA. There is a website devoted to the MHEDA Edge where you may read articles online from the current and past issues.

The MHEDA Edge also has an online presence with a Facebook page and Twitter profile. The editor of the Edge has a blog and can also be found on LinkedIn.

Modern Materials Handling

Modern Materials Handling is a material handling magazine published by EH Publishing. This magazine is published monthly.

This publication has been around since 1946. They boast that they "provided the most comprehensive coverage of productivity solutions for materials handling professionals in distribution, warehousing and manufacturing".

They claim to have an audience of over 132,000 through their website, newsletters, printed magazines, online web casts and conferences.

Material Handling Network

Material Handling Network is a WoodwardBizMedia publication. Published monthly, Material Handling Network comes in digital and print editions. While the digital version is free, you may have to pay for the print edition.

They boast that each issue is read by more than 33,000 executives and professionals in the material handling industry.

Their website has a classified section for new and used material handling equipment. They also have a online library with resources like white papers, product previews, forums, events and more.

Material Handling Management

Material Handling Management is a monthly material handling magazine published by Penton Media, inc. This publication has been around since 1946. MHM's editorial staff has a combined 100+ years of experience.

Their website is full or useful material handling resources like videos, white papers, web casts, blog, and much more. One interesting section of their website is titled Green Material Handling News and is dedicated to environmentally friendly ways of handling materials.

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